16 New Spectroscopy Products Showcased at Analytica 2024


At the 2024 Analytica conference in Munich, Germany, more than 1000 exhibitors from around the world came to showcase their technologies. Throughout the show, the editors of Spectroscopy spoke with vendors from a variety of companies about the new products they’re providing to improve sampling, dilution, environmental testing, and more. Below, you’ll find a summary of 14 new products, listed in alphabetical order by company name.

Analytica 2024 was held in Munich, Germany. © Caroline Hroncich

Analytica 2024 was held in Munich, Germany. © Caroline Hroncich

Agilent premiered its new Advanced Dilution System (ADS 2), an auto dilutor that integrates with the company’s autosamplers, its inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES), and inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-MS). The goal, the company said during a press event, is to provide a fully integrated automated workflow for customers. The instrument manufacturer also updated its BioTek Cytation C10 system, which is a confocal imaging reader. The tool now has water immersion and confocal spinning disk technologies.

WITec Wissenschaftliche Instrumente und TechnologieGmbH highlighted its new alphaCART technology, a portable confocal Raman system for all applications. The tool allows for measurements through protective glass or windows, enabling the analysis of gases and chemical processes in reaction chambers and other enclosures. The tool can be used by researchers in art, archaeology, geoscience, or materials science.

Analytik Jena announced the launch of three new product lines, including its new multi-N/C x300 series of total organic carbon and total bound nitrogen analysis (TOC/TNb)analyzers. The device series offers public and industrial laboratories, as well as research institutes in the fields of environmental analysis and pharmaceuticals for TOC/TNb determination. The company also introduced clinPAL, which is an automated solution for sample preparation and sample handling in the field of clinical research using ICP-MS. The device is tailored for measuring human samples such as plasma, serum, urine, and blood. Finally, the company also launched its qTOWER iris real-time PCR thermal cycler and a system for automated sample preparation in ICP-MS analysis.

Bruker’s new BEAM FT-NIR uses Bruker’s RockSolid interferometer and is IP65-protected. The FT-NIR is suitable for solid and semi-solid materials, and can be fitted on pipelines, hoppers, or conveyor belts.

Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH released its new UV Mini-Spectrometer C16767MA, which separates UV light in the range of 190 and 440 nm into multiple wavelengths, and then simultaneously measures the light intensity at each wavelength. The tool can be mounted in compact water quality monitors and installed in rivers, lakes, or oceans to inspect and analyze the content of multiple types of pollutants via spectrophotometry. It can also assist in designing and manufacturing water quality monitors.

Hiden Analytical Europe GmbH introduced a new quantitative gas analysis system. The tool builds upon the company’s original QGA system and incorporates new features including a compact design. Configurations are available for sampling from ambient to pressures as high as 30bar.

Horiba presented its new SignatureSPM, a microscope that combines atomic force microscopy (ATM) with Raman and photoluminescence spectrometry. The new tool enables colocalized measures of physical and chemical properties. The company also spotlighted its new IDFinder Spectral Library.

Macherey-Nagel GmbH & Co. KG highlighted its new Nanocolor Advance, which combines the features of a portable compact photometers and high-precision spectrophotometers. The tool includes more than 220 pre-programmed methods and can be used for water and wastewater analysis.

Mettler-Toledo GmbH’s new ReactRaman 802L spectrometer enable in-situ measurements of reaction and process trends in real-time. The tool can provide specific information on kinetics, polymorphic transitions, mechanisms, and influence critical process parameters. The tool can be used to track the concentration of solid and liquid reactants, intermediates, products, and crystal forms.

Siemens AG showcased its new in situ process spectrometer, the SITRANS TDL. The spectrometer, designed for cross duct laser gas analysis, offers several wavelengths from infrared to mid infrared, and can measure a variety of different components.

S.T.Japan-Europe GmbH presented its SpectraGenius software, which can read more than 60 different spectra formats. The tool works with optical spectrometers from different manufacturers and can process spectra in various file formats allowing scientists to search their own spectra collections, in addition to spectra databases. Spectra can be displayed in a variety of formats and can be edited at the same time. Batch processing can also be set up.

Tosoh BioscienceGmbH’s new LenS3 MALS-V dual detector is an integrated light scattering and viscometry detector. In a triple-detection SEC setup, the Refractive Index (RI) detector gauges concentration, MALS provides true molecular weight and radius of gyration (Rg), while the viscometer measures intrinsic viscosity (IV). The intrinsic viscosity of polymers reflects how dense and flexible polymer chains are in dilute solutions. When combined with light scattering measurements, the MW and IV distributions provide structural information about polymers such as conformation (random coil, sphere, rod), density of the backbone, presence of branching (number of branches, branching frequency), hydrodynamic radius (Rh), or Mark-Houwink parameters.

TrinamiX, a provider of mobile spectroscopy solutions and a subsidiary of BASF, showcased its near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy technology. The company’s PAL One mobile spectrometer for material analysis. Laboratories can deploy their own chemometric technologies using TrinamiX’s mobile NIR spectrometer. The company also announced a new partnership with Intraco, to use its mobile spectrometer systems for the analysis of livestock feed.

Did you release a new product at Analytica that isn’t included on this list? Let us know! Share your new product information directly with Associate Editorial Director Caroline Hroncich at chroncich@mjhlifesciences.com to have it included in our roundup.

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