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Tuesday morning LCGC North America/Spectroscopy and LCGC Europe continue with the second part of the Pittcon Theater sessions. Today's sessions will cover MS/Hyphenated techniques and Spectroscopy.

Tuesday morning LCGC North America/Spectroscopy and LCGC Europe continue with the second part of the Pittcon Audio & Video Theater sessions. This cutting-edge multimedia project includes live interviews with leading experts from the world of analytical chemistry and will cover the latest developments, applications and trends in the fields of chromatography and spectroscopy. Editor-in-chief of LCGC North America/Spectroscopy, Dave Walsh and Editorial Director of LCGC Europe, Peter Houston, will host these illuminating sessions.

The first session on Tuesday, under the umbrella of MS/Hyphenated Techniques, will be with Leonard Sidisky, from Sigma Aldrich, on "The Use of Ionic Liquids in Mass Spectrometric Analytical Techniques." Leonard will discuss the use of ionic liquids with mass spectrometry when used as stationary phases for capillary GC, liquid MALDI matrices, and also as ion pairing agents for the positive ion mode detection of anions by ESI-MS analysis. This is followed by a talk by Mike Swarz, from Synomics Pharma, on recent trends in LC–MS.

The Spectroscopy session starts at 2:00 p. m. with Skip Kingston, from Duquesne University, on ICP–MS for petroleum and nutraceutical research, followed by Matt Pamuku, of Applied Isotope Technologies, on the role of IDMS and ICP-MS in analytical chemisry. Mizanur Rahman will then describe other important factors in this exciting area. John Reffner, from John Jay College, will close the session with insights into the emerging use of FT-IR techniques for investigating counterfeit items. The afternoon sessions are an essential port of call for spectroscopists at Pittcon.

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