Pittcon Review, Appendix III: Components

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Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy-05-01-2012, Volume 27, Issue 5

Additional information from the components section of the Pittcon Review article.

Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies

Product name: OneNeb Universal Nebulizer

Universal nebulizer for ICP-OES and ICP-MS

For: Laboratory analysis

Measurement mode: Optical emission (ICP-OES) or mass spec (ICP-MS)

Description: The OneNeb inert universal nebulizer employs the Flow Blurring Nebulization Technology that is virtually unblockable. The OneNeb creates a fine aerosol (<2 μm) with a narrow size, distribution that enhances precision and sensitivity over a wide flow rate range (0.1 to 2.0 mL/min).

Special features: Greater sensitivity and 3x greater efficiency than conventional concentric nebulizers, inert polymers construction makes it rugged, durable and tolerant to the most difficult samples

Suggested applications: analysis of samples up to 25% TDS, very high dissolved salts, brines and fine chemicals, free hydrofluoric (HF) and other strong acids as found in geochemical fusions, metals & petrochemical industry.

Primary benefits: Replaces a range of different nebulizers for low flow applications.

Manufacturer: Andor Technology

Product name: iStar ICCD Camera

Ultra-fast intensified CCD for nanosecond Time-Resolved Spectroscopy and Imaging

For: Lab & Process applications

Measurement mode: Optical emission spectroscopy and imaging

New this year: combines a Digital Delay Generator, ultrafast acquisition rates (>55,500 Hz or 15 frames/s), with ultrahigh sensitivity (1 photon).

Accessory/component: Triple TTL output Digital Delay Generator, Quick-Lock coolant connectors, integrator-friendly single 12V power input, high quantum-efficiency Gen 2 and Gen 3 image intensifiers, thermo-electric cooling to -40 °C, 500 kHz photocathode gating rates.

Software: Available as separate product, may be used in other equipment, Compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Suggested applications: Time resolved spectroscopy and imaging – LIBS, plasma studies, pulsed Raman, combustion, LIF/PLIF, fluorescence lifetime, transient absorption, chemical and explosives standoff detection.

Primary benefits: Combination of high VUV-NIR sensitivity and both rapid spectral and imaging acquisition, software-controlled timing and triggering interface.

Manufacturer: Cobolt AB

Product name: Cobolt Flamenco 660 nm 400 mW Laser

High performance CW DPSS laser, 660 nm, up to 400 mW

For: Laboratory analysis

Portable: Laser head dimensions: 125 x 70 x 45 mm, 5.0 x 2.8 x 1.8 in.; controller dimension: 190 x 72 x 28 mm, 7.6 x 2.9 x 1.1 in.

Unique features: Portable, compact controller (CDRH or OEM), can be remotely accessed via digital (RS-232) or analog interfaces. 21CFR11 compliant, cGMP compliant.

Suggested applications: Raman spectroscopy, stand-alone use or integration in OEM equipment.

Primary benefits: Raman excitation source, high wavelength stability (approx. 0.02 nm, typically 2 pm over 2 °C and 8 h), high spectral purity (-60 dB).

Manufacturer: CVI Melles-Griot

Product name: IR Bandpass filters

Special features: Optimized transmission, Broad blocking, Abrasion resistant, Environmental durability, Standard and custom geometry

Suggested applications: Maximize performance for gas analyzers, nondispersive or Fourier transform instruments, spectrometers and biomedical devices.

Manufacturer: CVI Melles-Griot

Product name: Miniature Stepper Shutter for IR Cameras

Special features: Low power consumption, Low impact / Low wear, Shock and vibration resistant, Operates from -40 °C to +70 °C

Manufacturer: Daylight Solutions

Product name: TLS-41032 CW-PLS 3.25 μm external cavity laser

Mid-IR laser

For: Lab and process applications

New this year: Single-stage, broad tuning access to 3.25 μm wavelength — a wavelength region that accesses the fundamental vibrational frequency of almost all C-H bonds.

Description: This laser features high resolution, high brightness, low divergence.

Measurement mode: Transmission, reflection, or ATR modes.

Manufacturer: Daylight Solutions

Product name: TLS-31100-UT Über Tuner broad-tuning external cavity laser

Mid-IR laser

For: Lab and process applications

New this year: a broad-tuning ECqcL covering 10–12.4 μm with a single chip, covering a substantial portion of the "fingerprint region" where many organic molecules have unique, strong absorptions.

Description: This laser features high resolution, high brightness, and low divergence

Measurement mode: Transmission, reflection, or ATR modes.

Manufacturer: Edax

Product name: Hikari XP EBSD Camera

Component New Detector

For: Lab and process analysis

New this year: 45% faster, improved precision and sensitivity

Accessory/component: EBSD Detector

Suggested applications: Full range of EBSD applications

Primary benefits: 45% faster, market leading sensitivity and precision

Unique features: 650 indexed patterns per second, 0.1 degree precision

Manufacturer: Edax

Product name: Apollo XRF-ML50

Faster SDD detector, component for Orbis micro-XRF spectrometer system

Special features: Cryogen-free operation, 40% faster, New internal collimator design.

Suggested applications: Trace analysis, elemental mapping of trace and minor elements

Manufacturer: Glass Expansion

Product name: Assist Oils Package

Sample collector for raw engine oil

Description: Takes raw engine oil from the crankcase to measure. Consists of a switching valve and 3 syringe drives to affect sample dilution and mixing as well as injection and analysis

Special features: Unattended operation off-line.

Suggested applications: High-volume wear metals laboratory


Manufacturer: Glass Expansion

Product name: Agilent D-Torch

For: component for ICP-MS

Description: Demountable torch

Special features: Demountable interchangeable outer tube

Suggested applications: Any high salt application or where low-level silicon level is being measured

Unique features: Modular; need to replace only the outer tube when it degrades, instead of the whole torch Optional ceramic outer tube is silicon free and immune from devitrification

Manufacturer: Glass Expansion

Product name: New Improved Niagara Plus

Customized valve for ICP spectrometers

For: Laboratory analysis

Suggested applications: Any high salt application or one in which low level silicon is being measured, any ICP-OES or ICP-MS application where higher sample throughput is desired or where carryover is an issue

Primary benefits: Uses the least amount of sample and has the lowest carryover

Unique features: New 6-port valve replaces the previous 12-port valve achieving greater simplification of installation and operation. Time in Sample (TIS) and Bubble injector minimize sample consumption.

Manufacturer: Hamamatsu Corporation

Product name: Cooled photomultiplier tubes (PMT)

For: Laboratory analysis

Measurement mode: Fluorescence

Special features: Built-in cooling device lowers noise

Suggested applications: Fluorescence spectrometers, Raman spectrometers, CARS

Primary benefits: Stable measurements with higher sensitivity, lower limit of detection, and larger dynamic range

Unique features: Rapid cooling of the detector reduces thermal noise and increases sensitivity to low analyte concentrations. Smaller than conventional PMTs. Multichannel detectors (16 or 32 channels) and easy-to-use detector modules are available.

Manufacturer: Hamamatsu Corporation

Product name: S11850-1106 cooled back-thinned CCD

Measurement mode: Transmission, reflection

Special accessory design: Cooled detector

Special features: Low noise, UV to NIR sensitivity, built-in 1-stage TE cooling device, 2048 (H) x 64 (V) pixels, 14 x 14 micron pixels

Suggested applications: Spectrometers, Raman spectrometers

Primary benefits: Stable and high-sensitivity measurements

Unique features: The S11850-1106 charge coupled device (CCD) features a small, 1-stage TE cooler for 10 °C stabilization.

Manufacturer: Hamamatsu Corporation

Product name: 5-watt xenon flash lamp module (L9455)

Flash Lamp (UV-visible-IR light source)

For: Laboratory analysis

Measurement mode: transmission, reflection

Special features: Compact module that contains a 5-W xenon flash lamp, power supply and trigger socket. Point light source, color temperature of 15000 K, continuous spectrum from UV to IR. It features high output stability, long service life, and minimal thermal effects. No warm-up required.

Suggested applications: spectrometers

Primary benefits: Very stable output.

Unique features: Long lifetime (109 flashes or more)

Manufacturer: Hamamatsu Corporation

Product name: Small UV–vis fiber light source (L10671)

Available as: component light source

For: Hand-held analysis

Portable: Dimensions = UV–vis light source 72 mm x 40 mm x 90 mm

Measurement mode: transmission, reflection

Special features: A UV–vis fiber light source that measures 72 mm x 40 mm x 90 mm. High radiant power and good output stability. Operates on low voltage, has a shutter function and external control.

Suggested applications: UV–vis absorption spectrometers

Primary benefits: table output ensures measurement accuracy and reliability.

Unique features: The L10671 features a small deuterium lamp that is compact size. Low voltage operation makes it ideal for all types of portable devices requiring a UV–vis light source.

Manufacturer: International Crystal Laboratories

Product name: Cadmium Magnesium Telluride

Detector Component

For: Lab and process applications

New this year: New detector material for X- and gamma rays. This material has not been previously available.

Special features: Semiconductorbased detectors function at room temperature and are useful for field applications such as weapons non-proliferation monitoring. May be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Suggested applications: Applications for CdMgTe detectors range from non-proliferation and airport security to medical diagnostic devices and spectroscopic applications.

Primary benefits: Can be used without cooling thereby enabling smaller instrument size and portability

Manufacturer: Ion Sense, Inc.

Product name: DART-OS Source

Mass Spectrometry Ion Source and Sampling System

Measurement mode: DART mass spectrometry

New this year: The DART-OS is a brand-new product in IonSense's OpenSpot mass spectrometry product line.

Special features: Uses Simple OpenSpot sample cards for sampling, transfer to the lab, and analysis

Software: Operates on an iPod Touch or any PC web browser, and can be downloaded from iTunes. Compatible with JEOL, Thermo-Fisher, Agilent, AB SCIEX, Bruker, Shimadzu, and Waters mass applications: Analysis of raw materials, formulations, reaction products, and unknown materials

Primary benefits: Streamlined analysis, use OpenSpot sample cards, eliminates sample dissolution.

Unique features: All personnel, regardless of background, will be able to use the OpenSpot card, and get their information in seconds.

Manufacturer: Iridian Spectral Technologies

Product name: Black absorbers

Optical filter

Unique features: Iridian has built on its expertise to develop new black absorber coatings covering the 300 to 1200 nm wavelength range, which have been tested to meet the most demanding environmental conditions and are available as either standalone coatings or patterned with other wavelength-selective filters.

Manufacturer: Iridian Spectral Technologies

Product name: Optical filters/coatings on plastic

Optical filter

Unique features: Iridian now offers optical filter performance on plastic films and substrates! Our R&D now allows us to offer durable and reliable coatings on a variety of plastic substrates, addressing the need for lighter and stronger optical filters. Recent offerings include laser-pointer protection glasses and 3D plastic glasses.

Manufacturer: Iridian Spectral Technologies

Product name: Patterned/Multi-zone filters

Optical filter

Unique features: To address customer requirements for optical filters for order-sorting or multi-spectral imaging, Iridian is now offering multi-zone optical filters. With newly enhanced capabilities to provide robust filter assemblies or patterned filters using photolithography, Iridian can now meet customer needs for multiple filters on a single substrate.

Manufacturer: Iridian Spectral Technologies

Product name: MWIR and LWIR optical filters

Optical filters

Unique features: Experience in the visible and near-infrared (NIR), has enabled expanded range of optical filters to include the mid- and long-wave infrared (MWIR and LWIR). Iridian now has standard "off-the-shelf" IR gas band-pass filters (for H2O, CH4, CO2 and CO) and high volume custom filters for wavelengths up to 15 μm.

Manufacturer: Laser Quantum

Product name: Torus 750mW

532nm single frequency laser

For: Lab & Process Applications

New this year: Power increased to 750 mW from 500 mW

Special features: Actively mode locked, achieves stability within 5 pm across 20 °C background temperature shift.

Software: Bespoke software compatible with Labview, Metamorph. Available as separate product, may be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Suggested applications: High resolution Raman spectroscopy

Primary benefits: Increased signal, higher sample rate on high-resolution instruments

Unique features: Highly robust – 1200g drop test, 30 degrees temperature cycle, <1 MHz linewidth

Manufacturer: Mightex Systems

Product name: Full-spectrum LED Light Sources for Spectroscopy

New this year: Broadband LED-based light source for spectroscopy

For: Laboratory or Process analysis

Available accessories: Optical fiber patchcord and fiber collimators

Special features: Lifetime > 25,000 h, low power consumption. Wavelength ranges cover 235–940 nm. Higher intensity at blue/UV end compared to incandescent sources. Adjustable Intensity. High stability, fast time response, spectrum can be tailored by users to suit different applications.

May be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment

Suggested applications: UV–vis spectroscopy

Unique features: Sections of the spectrum can be dynamically switched off to reduce stray light.

Manufacturer: Newport Corporation

Product name: OptoFlash

UV-Vis Spectrometer Engine

For: Process analysis

Measurement mode: Transmission

New this year: Brand-new product is a configurable, fixed-wavelength spectrometer engine with up to 10 wavelengths. It includes demultiplexing & detection in a single device.

Portable: 51 x 16 x 25 mm

Special features: plug-in device includes Stabilife coatings and Si photodiode array in a miniature package. Measurement speeds of 33 ms with linearity of > OD3.5. Software may be used in other equipment; compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Suggested applications: Clinical chemistry analyzers, environmental monitoring analyzers, colorimeters.

Primary benefits: Enables elimination of several components from optical system, excellent temperature stability eliminates special cooling equipment.

Manufacturer: Ocean Optics

Product name: Vivo

Light Source, Accessory

For: Lab and process applications

Measurement mode: vis–NIR, NIR

New this year: Vivo is the new NIR Source from Ocean Optics

Special features: Vivo features four tungsten halogen bulbs that can be turned on or off individually.

Portable: 72 x 120 x 150 mm

Accessory: SMA 905 SMA connector

Description: Attaches directly to Ocean Optics' RTL-Stage for stability and control

Suggested applications: Drug Analysis, Food Safety, Analysis of Grains and Oils

Primary benefits: Reduced risk of overheating sample, High power, Shorter integration time

Unique features: Active cooling to reduce overheating

Manufacturer: Ocean Optics

Product name: bluLoop

Light Source, Accessory

For: Lab and process analysis

Measurement mode: vis–NIR

New this year: New bluLoop Light Source

Special features: a small but amazing LED source for measuring color and more, four tunable LEDs that allow unparalleled balancing of spectral output, high reliability of estimated color values, low heat consumption and has a longer lifetime than typical halogen sources, has good response and favorable spectral characteristics in the Visible range when compared with tungsten halogen sources.

Portable: 62 x 60 x 150 mm

Accessory: SMA 905 coupler

Unique features: Reduced dynamic spectral output, higher reliability of estimated color values, LED lifetime longer than halogen sources

Suggested applications: vis–NIR, Color Analysis, Reflectance

Manufacturer: PD-LD, Inc.

Product name: LS-1 Lab Source

Stabilized Laser for Raman

For: Lab analysis

New this year: New Product: Single stabilized laser source with turnkey functionality for laboratory use

Description: Narrow line width laser for Raman spectroscopy

Special features: Stabilized laser for CW or modulated operation. Adjustable power with manually or externally triggered shutter. Convenient fiber optic output

Software: included. Available as separate product, 21CFR11 compliant, cGMP compliant, may be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Suggested applications: Raman spectroscopy, cytometry

Primary benefits: Self-contained laser system with fully adjustable power and illumination control

Unique features: Volume Bragg grating stabilized laser with multimode optical output. Output controlled by MEMS based switch.

Manufacturer: PD-LD, Inc.

Product name: LS-2 Lab Source


For: Lab applications

New this year: First stabilized dual laser source for shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy (SERDS)

Description: Narrow line width laser for Raman spectroscopy

Special features: Bragg grating. (VBG technology) provides stability to + 0.0005% nm

Suggested applications: SERDS and Raman systems

Primary benefits: Completely self-contained, stand-alone laser module with excellent power and wavelength stability.

Unique features: Utilizes VBG stability. User-selectable laser wavelengths available.

Manufacturer: Prior Scientific, Inc.

Product name: Lumen 200S

Fluorescence Illumination System

Description: Contains high speed shutter, control via RS232, USB, TTL and via the Prior Scientific ProScan III controller shutter port

Manufacturer: QuantIon Technologies

Product name: QuantIon Ion Source and Disposable Cassette

Mass spectrometer source

For: Laboratory analysis

Special features: Quantlon ion source interfaces with existing commercial mass spectrometers and performs PaperSpray MS analysis, an ambient ionization method that can directly quantitate small compounds (< 1000 Da) with no sample preparation. Requires sample volume ~ 10 μL.

Description: Disposable cassette with PaperSpray substrate within. Samples can be deposited onto cassette in remote location(s) and analyzed at a later time. Also provides sample storage and an interface with the QuantIon ion source.

Suggested applications: Pharmaceutical development, agricultural development, environmental analysis, food safety

Primary benefits: No sample preparation required, fast results (<5 minutes). Eliminates the need for chromatography separations.

Unique features: The QuantIon ion source also has automation features, including auto load and bar-code readers, facilitating high throughput applications.

Manufacturer: RPMC lasers

Product name: Oxxius

CW visible and IR lasers for spectroscopy

New this year: New wavelengths

Primary benefits: New wavelengths are now available at 405 nm, 532 nm, 553 nm, 561 nm, 638 nm, 658 nm, 730 nm, 785 nm, and 830 nm, higher powers

Unique features: Single frequency, very stable

Manufacturer: TekMark Growth Partners

Product name: Linear Variable Filters

Description: available for long wave pass, short wave pass, band pass & dichroic filter applications with wavelength ranges from 320–1000 nm, High multilayer transmission of >92%, out-of-band blocking of > OD3 (OD5 or more with two filters in series), hard coatings enabling use with high power light sources, ideal for fluorescence imaging.

Suggested applications: Fluorescence imaging, spectrometers, cytometers, light sources and other scientific instruments

Manufacturer: UVP, LLC

Product name: Pen-Ray

Light Source Component

For: Lab and process applications

New this year: UVP offers Pen-Ray light sources, low-pressure, cold cathode lamps made of double bore quartz are available in custom configurations with user-specified lighted lengths, fills, connectors and shields

Special features: UVP power supplies are specifically designed to provide optimum starting and operating output of the Pen-Ray light sources.

Primary benefits: Pen-Ray light sources supply a high degree of stable, isolated spectral line accuracy

Unique features: Custom configurations enable users to configure the Pen-Ray light source to their specific requirements.

Suggested applications: Spectroscopic wavelength calibration, fluorescent inspection, interferometry, photometric and fluorometric instruments

Manufacturer: Voltage Multipliers, Inc.

Product name: OC100HG

10kV Opto-coupler for instrumentation

For: Laboratory application

New this year: Tripled the DC Current Transfer Ratio 0.38% MIN over previous versions.

Portable: 0.45 in. W x 1.0 in. L x 0.32 in. H, excluding leads

Measurement mode: Optically generated leakage current

Special features: High reverse voltage, high voltage isolation, high gain, stable long-term gain. RoHS compliant. Available as separate product. Used in other equipment

Suggested applications: Instrumentation, systems requiring isolation for other systems, systems sensitive to ground loops.

Primary benefits: High isolation voltage, high gain, sensitive to small changes in forward current. Linear output over specified range.

Manufacturer: Voltage Multipliers, Inc.

Product name: XRS

X-ray Power Supply

For: Handheld applications

New this year: Small, lightweight, 50-kV XR power supply

Portable,: 2 in. w x 5 in. l x 0.8 in. h, 11.8 oz. (228 g)

Special features: Programmable outputs, low right, excellent load line, excellent regulation, RoHS compliant, precision outputs.

Suggested applications: Portable X-ray power supply for powering X-ray tubes (for XRF, XRD).

Primary benefits: programmable inputs, monitored outputs