Pittcon Review, Appendix XI: Terahertz

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Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy-05-01-2012, Volume 27, Issue 5

Additional information from the terahertz section of the Pittcon Review article.

Manufacturer: Advantest Corporation

Product name: TAS7500

Terahertz (THz) spectroscopy/imaging analysis system

For: Lab analysis

New this year: Entirely new product, consisting of two models, spectroscopic and imaging, designed specifically for pharmaceutical analysis.


Suggested applications: Effective 2D/3D analysis of polymorphic crystalline structures, tablet coatings, tablet densities

Primary benefits: Rapid, non-destructive imaging and analysis of pharmaceutical samples in liquid or solid state. Proprietary THZ optical sampling technology enables higher-speed, more stable and repeatable measurements that deliver improved quality, increased productivity, and lower costs.

Unique features: Configurable and compact bench-top design

Manufacturer: Applied Research & Photonics

Product name: Terahertz scanning reflectometer

High sensitivity terahertz scanning reflectometer

For: Laboratory analysis

Portable: 12 X 12 X 10 in.

Measurement mode: Reflection

Special accessorydescription: Comes with PC and analysis software. Sample chamber included.

Special features: Capable of measuring solid, liquid, and gasous samples

Suggested applications: Transdermal drug delivery, permeation kinetics of analytes in to tissue or other substrates, direct measurement of diffusion kinetics and concentration gradient.

Primary benefits: Capable of measuring permeation kinetics and diffusion concentration gradient in a noninvasive and nondestructive (in situ) fashion.

Unique features: No consumables, long life, and virtually maintenance free operation