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Spectroscopy SupplementsSpecial Issues-04-01-2007
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Mass spectrometer

Thermo Fisher introduces the Thermo Scientific LTQ XL linear ion trap mass spectrometer equipped with electron transfer dissociation (ETD). According to the company, the addition of ETD provides advantages for protein and peptide characterization, posttranslational modification analysis, and top-down or middle-down sequencing of proteins and peptides. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Waltham, MA;

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Magnetic resonance spectrometer

Varian introduces its model 400-MR magnetic resonance spectrometer, which is designed to give nonspecialists access to state-of-the-art methods for molecular characterization and quantitation. According to the company, the NMR spectrometer's compact footprint makes it easier to accommodate in small analytical laboratories in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and academic environments. Varian, Inc., Palo Alto, CA;

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Ion mobility spectrometry

The IONSCAN-LS by Smiths Detection is designed to detect and quantitate trace analytes using ion mobility spectrometry with two sample introduction methods: thermal desorption from a filter and high-performance injection. According to the company, the product can analyze samples over a concentration range of about three orders of magnitude. Smiths Detection, Danbury, CT;

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UV-vis spectrophotometer

Hitachi's model U-2900 is a UV-vis local control double-beam spectrophotometer designed for routine as well as research laboratory applications. According to the company, the product is equipped with a 10.4-in. color liquid crystal display, data storage with an external USB flash disk, a validation function that allows users to check performance, and optional PC control using the company's UV Solutions software. Hitachi High Technologies America, San Jose, CA;

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Nano flow sensor

Upchurch's noninvasive nano flow sensor, developed in cooperation with Honeywell, reports flow rates in the nanoliter through low microliter-per-minute range. According to the company, the sensor uses MEMS-based thermal anemometry to measure the mass-flow rate of liquids in an isolated flow channel and display it on an LCD readout. The sensor reportedly provides high sensitivity, ultrafast response, high accuracy, and low drift. Upchurch Scientific, Oak Harbor, WA;

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Explosives trace detection

Syagen's Guardian explosives trace detection portal uses mass spectrometry, reportedly offering higher resolution than ion mobility spectrometry portals. The system can detect more than 30 explosives compounds, and compounds can be simultaneously screened. It features head-to-toe screening, an analysis time less than 15 s, and clear doors. Syagen Technology, Inc., Tustin, CA;

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TOF detector guide

BURLE Electro-Optics announces a time-of-flight detector selection guide, with products ranging from 8 mm to 40 mm in diameter. According to the company, the guide is available for free to qualified individuals and organizations by registering at BURLE Electro-Optics, Sturbridge, MA;

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Power supply

Spellman introduces the model SL150kV high-voltage power supply, which is designed to provide fast acting, programmable voltage and current control loops. According to the company, the power supply's standard input voltage is 220 V ac, single phase, ±10%, with an optional 200 V ac input available, and it is configurable as positive, negative, or reversible output polarity. Spellman High Voltage, Hauppage, NY;

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Ion mobility spectrometer

The TSI 3980C MacroIMS ion mobility spectrometer is designed for fast separation of macromoles. According to the company, the instrument's software allows overlay of spectra, raw data smoothing, and molecular weight-based controls and statistics. TSI Incorporated, Shoreview, MN;

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Desalting well plate

Orochem's Coral 96-well desalt spin plate reportedly contains desalting resin that provides >95% retention of the salts. The plates are designed forprocessing compounds with masses greater than 7000 Da. According to the company, samples of 20-100 μL in the well plate can be desalted in 5 min in preparation for downstream analyses such as mass spectrometry, capillary electrophoresis, and metabolite screening. Orochem Technologies Inc., Lombard, IL;

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Portable GC-MS system

The Guardian-7 portable GC-MS system by Torion features a low-thermal-mass capillary gas chromatograph with ballistic temperature programming and a miniature toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer with a mass range of 50 to >500 Da. According to the company, the system is totally self-contained, weighs less than 25 lb, is battery operated, and is hand-portable. Torion Technologies Inc., Pleasant Grove, UT;

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MS web site

Scientific Instrument Service's web site provides a complete service and product line for mass spectrometers and related equipment. The company also manufactures instrument parts for scientific instrument companies, specializing in filaments for mass spectrometers, X-ray equipment, and other instruments utilizing a filament heater or emission wire. Scientific Instrument Services, Inc., Ringoes, NJ;

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HPLC column

Dionex's ProPac HIC-10 silica-based high-capacity HPLC column is designed for the separation of proteins and peptides by hydrophobic interaction chromatography. According to the company, the column has been used for applications ranging from the separation of serum proteins, human skeletal muscle total protein, and snake venom proteins to pancreatin and monoclonal antibodies. The column's stationary phase is based on 5-mm ultrahigh-purity spherical silica gel particles, with 300-Å pores. Dionex Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA;

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