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Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy-11-01-2012, Volume 27, Issue 11


Miniature spectrometers

The Exemplar LS and Exemplar Plus miniature spectrometers from B&W Tek are designed with a low-stray-light "unfolded" Czerny-Turner spectrograph. The LS reportedly is suitable for integration into compact UV or UV–vis spectrophotometer systems. According to the company, the Plus has a thermoelectric-cooled back-thinned CCD detector with 2048 effective pixels. B&W Tek, Newark, DE;

Raman spectrometer

The LabRAM HR Evolution spectrometer from Horiba Scientific is designed with an automated, extended wavelength range capability. According to the company, the product's wavelength range is from 200 nm to 2000 nm, with access to frequencies as low as 10 cm-1. Horiba Scientific, Edison, NJ;

ATR accessory

Specac's Quest ATR is a single-reflection attenuated total reflectance accessory designed for laboratory spectroscopic sample analysis. According to the company, the optical design is based on all reflective gold-coated optics and features the company's Synopti-Focal Array technology with precision-molded aspheric mirrors. The accessory's wavelength capability reportedly ranges from 10,000 cm-1 to 40 cm -1. Specac Ltd., Kent, UK;


ICP-MS system

Thermo Fisher Scientific's iCAP Q ICP-MS system is designed to provide increased throughput to enable laboratories to cut analysis times by up to 50%. According to the company, the system features an interface that enables one-click setup and allows users to go from standby to performance-qualified analysis with the push of a button. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., San Jose, CA;

ICP-MS system

The Agilent 8800 triple-quadrupole ICP-MS system is designed to provide improved performance compared with single-quadrupole ICP-MS and to provide MS-MS operation for interference removal in reaction mode. According to the company, the system can be used to analyze elements in life-science, soil, rock, and plant materials. The system reportedly also can be set up to operate like a single-quadrupole ICP-MS system. Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA;

NIR spectrometer

The Maya2000 Pro-NIR spectrometer from Ocean Optics is designed for Raman and low-light-level shortwave NIR applications. According to the company, the spectrometer is optimized for the 780–1180 nm region and includes a 760-nm longpass filter, a 50-μm slit, and gold mirrors. Ocean Optics, Dunedin, FL;

Mercury analyzer

Milestone's DMA-80 mercury analyzer is designed to enable an operator to analyze for mercury in matrixes that include solids, liquids, and gases. According to the company, the system can be used in laboratories serving industries that include toxicology, environmental, energy, chemical, quality control, and gases. Milestone, Inc., Shelton, CT;

ICP torches

Two demountable ICP torches from Glass Expansion are designed with an alumina inner tube and an optional ceramic outer tube. According to the company, the torches accommodate the PerkinElmer 8300 DV and Agilent 700 Series Axial ICP spectrometers. The D-Torch reportedly can be used for analyzing organic solvents or samples with high levels of dissolved solids. Glass Expansion, Pocasset, MA;