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MS system

Bruker Daltonics' maXis 4G UHR-QTOF MS system is designed to offer full sensitivity resolution greater than 60,000 and mass accuracy greater than 600 ppb. The system reportedly maintains maximum sensitivity at full mass resolution, and can acquire data at speeds of up to 30 Hz during UHPLC separations. According to the company, the system can discover, identify, and quantify low-level compounds and metabolites in a single LC–MS-MS run. Bruker Daltonics, Billerica, MA;

Column selection resource

The Reversed Phase Column Screener from Phenomenex is a website-based resource designed to help chromatographers select the best HPLC or UHPLC column for their applications from the company's product line. With the column-screening resource, users reportedly can search by compound characteristics, pharmacopeia classification, column, or application, and access application notes. According to the company, the resource gives primary and secondary recommendations for fully porous particle columns, complementary selectivities, and core-shell particle options, and recommends mobile phase starting conditions. The resource is available online at Phenomenex, Torrance, CA;

Ion-trap GC–MS systems

Agilent Technologies' model 220 and 240 Ion Trap GC–MS systems are designed with the multiple ionization and scan modes of an ion-trap mass spectrometer and the capillary flow technology of a gas chromatograph. According to the company, the model 240 has MS-MS and MSn capabilities and can perform EI, CI, and MS-MS in the same run. The model 220 reportedly is designed for educational laboratories and laboratories needing rugged operation for high-throughput routine testing. Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA;

Capillary inlet tubes

Photonis USA's capillary inlet tubes, manufactured with resistive glass, are designed to control the speed and direction of ions, significantly increasing their transfer efficiency. Resistive glass utilizes lead silicate, which acts as a semiconductor, reportedly creating uniform electric fields within the capillary inlet tubes. When voltage is applied, positive or negative ions are preferentially attracted to more effectively draw them into the mass spectrometer. According to the company, the resistive glass prevents collisions between the ions and the tube walls, reducing ion loss and increasing transfer efficiency. The capillary inlet tubes are available as single-channel tubes or as six-channel multicapillary arrays. Photonis USA, Sturbridge, MA;

Portable GC–MS system

Torion's Guardion GC-TMS system is designed to be fast and portable for field GC applications. According to the company, the system combines a high-speed, EPC-controlled capillary chromatograph with an amplitude-scanning toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer. The system reportedly is supported by the company's SPME syringes, calibration standards, and data processing software. Torion, American Fork, UT;

Multipurpose sampler

Gerstel's MPS multipurpose sampler is designed to perform sample preparation and introduction techniques such as SPE, dynamic headspace, stir-bar sorptive extraction, thermal desorption, and SPME. According to the company, with the sampler, matrix residues can be eliminated, standards or reagents can be added, dilution series can be created, and analytes can be concentrated. The system reportedly can operate independently as a workstation or can be integrated with GC–MS or LC–MS. Gerstel, Linthicum, MD;

Mass spectrometer

The BenchTOF-dx mass spectrometer from Almsco International is designed to identify, quantify, and differentiate the nature of known and unknown compounds at trace levels. According to the company, the instrument can screen for these compounds at lower levels with a higher degree of definition and clarity. The instrument reportedly provides full-scan sensitivity at typical GC–quad SIM levels and can integrate with existing gas chromatographs and data handling and control software. Almsco International, Llantrisant, United Kingdom;

TOF mass spectrometer

The Waters Xevo G2 time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer is designed to identify and quantify unknown compounds in complex samples. According to the company, the bench-top mass spectrometer incorporates features from research-grade mass spectrometers. The mass spectrometer reportedly uses the company's UPLC-MSE method of data acquisition, which provides both mass precursor and fragment ion data from a single data set. Waters Corporation, Milford, MA;

Mass spectrometer

Shimadzu's LCMS-8030 triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer is designed to complement UHPLC systems, offering power and speed in the detection of target analytes. According to the company, the system features multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) transitions that enable data acquisition of as many as 500 channels/s, 15-ms polarity switching, and mass spectrum measurement speeds of 15,000 u/s. The instrument reportedly accelerates ions out of the collision cell by forming a pseudo-potential surface, producing high-efficiency collision-induced dissociation (CID) and high-speed ion transport. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.,Columbia, MD;


MicroLiter's microplates for chromatography are available in 2-mL square, deep well, round, and conical bottom; 1.3-mL round well round bottom; and 0.75-mL round medium well round bottom designs. According to the company, the microplates feature clear polypropylene for visual reference of samples and have pierceable covers in either EVA or silicone with sprayed on PTFE barriers. Microliter Analytical Supplies, Inc., Suwanee, GA;


The PAL-xt autosampler from CTC Analytics includes the company's XCHANGE option for automatic syringe exchange. The system is designed for adding internal standards without cross contamination, injection of small and large volumes in one sample sequence, and preventative exchange of syringes when using harmful media. The autosampler's coupling system reportedly comprises a mating mechanical piece that captures the syringe and a magnet that automatically aligns. CTC Analytics AG, Zwingen, Switzerland;

Concentration system

Fluid Management Systems' PowerVap Automated Direct to Vial Concentration system is designed to automate the manual steps in the sample evaporation and concentration process. According to the company, the compact, standalone system can be used for concentrating samples such as the by-products of pesticides, herbicides, persistent organic pollutants, polychlorinated biphenyls, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products. The system reportedly uses no water, can concentrate up to six samples simultaneously, and provides method documentation. Fluid Management Systems, Watertown, MA;

Mass spectrometer

The Waters SYNAPT G2 mass spectrometer is designed for use in biopharmaceutical, metabolite identification, metabonomics, proteomics, biomarker studies, and food and environmental applications. According to the company, the quadrupole time-of-flight system features greater than 40,000 FWHM resolution, high sensitivity, a data acquisition rate of 20 spectra/s, exact mass (1 ppm RMS) information, and a dynamic range of up to five orders of magnitude. Waters Corporation, Milford, MA;

Trap columns

Optimize Technologies' hand-tight OPTI-TRAP EXP trap columns are sample purification and preconcentration products designed for use at pressures as high as 20,000 psi (1400 bar). According to the company, the columns can connect directly to any injection valve (with 10-32 threads) or in-line with the company's OPTI-LOK EXP fittings. Optimize Technologies, Inc., Oregon City, OR;

Chromatography vials

Verex chromatography vials, caps, and inserts from Phenomenex are designed to meet specifications for performance and recoveries and to exceed industry standards. The vials' borosilicate glass reportedly has the lowest ion content possible. According to the company, the vials can be supplied as kits and with mix-and-match cap choices, including crimp, snap, or screw, with septa available in preslit or nonslit formats. The vial kits reportedly are provided in dispenser packages made from recycled materials. Phenomenex, Inc., Torrance, CA;

MS system

AB Sciex's TripleTOF 5600 mass spectrometry system is designed for high-performance qualitative and quantitative analysis. According to the company, the system features SmartSpeed 100-Hz acquisition; Accelerator TOF Analyzer for high-resolution data at high speed; and EasyMass Accuracy to achieve stable ~1 ppm mass accuracy without continuous user calibration. AB Sciex, Foster City, CA;

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