Volume 22
Issue 9

Featured products from the spectroscopy marketplace.

Low-level standards

Inorganic Ventures offers an extensive line of 10-ppm and 100-ppm standards. According to the company, custom multielement blends are available upon request, at levels as low as the part-per-billion range, and most custom standards can be shipped within three days or less. Inorganic Ventures, Lakewood, NJ;

Circle 100

Silicon drift detector

EDAX introduces the Apollo 40 SDD silicon drift detector for qualitative and quantitative EDS X-ray microanalysis. According to the company, the 40-mm2 detector has a large solid angle that provides for higher input count rates at a given beam current with improved speed or precision and processing count rates exceeding 106 cps. The instrument is thermoelectrically cooled. Applications include x-ray mapping, particle analysis, and analysis of beam-sensitive materials. EDAX, Mahwah, NJ;

Circle 101

Peltier control for CD

The CD 250 temperature controller from Quantum Northwest reportedly can be adapted to fit in a variety of common circular dichroism spectrometers. The controller will hold temperatures precisely or make rapid changes over a wide range from –30 °C to +105 °C. Cuvette carriages are available for common cuvette types, including short-pathlength cylindrical cells. Quantum Northwest, Spokane, WA;

Circle 102

Surrogate standards

SPEX CertiPrep's Tinted Indicator surrogate standards enable users to verify that surrogate standards have been added. According to the company, the surrogate standards will change to an orange tint in the presence of neutral or basic solutions and a red tint for acidic solutions. SPEX CertiPrep, Metuchen, NJ;

Circle 103

Solid-state lasers

Melles Griot's fiber-delivered, solid-state lasers are designed to facilitate system assembly and provide more system architecture options. The 85 BCF series operates at 488 nm (blue), and the 85 YCF series operates at 561 nm (yellow). According to the company, these systems come with an integrated single-mode fiber delivery (standard or polarization maintaining) terminated by either an FC/APC connector or a flange-mounted collimator. Melles Griot, Carlsbad, CA;

Circle 104

Reference tool

Bio-Rad's KnowItAll U spectral databases and software for research and teaching reportedly make available over 1.3 million IR, NMR, MS, Raman, UV-vis, and near-IR spectra to help faculty and students in their scholarly research. According to the company, the product also offers chemistry, spectroscopy, and chemometrics software. Bio-Rad Laboratories, Hercules, CA;

Circle 105

Focal plane arrays

Judson Technologies introduces 2D focal plane arrays (FPAs) in InGaAs and InSb detectors. The InGaAs FPAs reportedly include both the 1.7-μm standard cutoff operating at room temperature and the 2.6-μm cutoff operating with three-stage TEC temperature. The InSb FPA reportedly operates in the 2–5 μm spectrum at 77 K. Judson Technologies, Montgomeryville, PA;

Circle 106


Andor Technology's Shamrock SR-500 and SR-750 spectrographs are designed to offer high resolution for more detail and clarity across a wide range of applications, including Raman. According to the company, features include direct and responsive control of the spectrograph and camera through Andor Solis (s) software allowing users to control wavelength and calibration, grating selection, shutter control, and filter selection as well as a "step and glue" facility to join spectra together. Andor Technology, South Windsor, CT;

Circle 107

Mass spectrometer

Bruker Daltonics announces its ultraflex III smartbeam MALDI-TOF-TOF mass spectrometer, optimized for MALDI molecular imaging. The product is designed to produce a laser focus size of 10–80 μm, with adjustable repetition rates from 1 Hz to 200 Hz. Bruker Optics, Billerica, MA;

Circle 108

Mass spectrometers

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces the LTQ Orbitrap Discovery and LTQ Orbitrap XL mass spectrometers, which reportedly offer high mass accuracy, resolving power, dynamic range, and sensitivity. According to the company, the instruments are designed for research performed in commercial and academic laboratories for pharmaceutical, metabolomics, proteomics, and biomarker discovery. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Waltham, MA;

Circle 109

Light source

The AvaLight deuterium/halogen light source from Avantes is designed to extend the dynamic range of the company's AvaSpec spectrometers. According to the company, the product includes a shutter that can be operated manually or via TTL signal from the company's spectrometer platform. Avantes Inc., Broomfield, CO;

Circle 110


B&W Tek's model BRC641E low-stray-light spectrometer is designed with a plug-and-play USB interface. The spectrometer reportedly employs a high detection sensitive UV-NIR response array detector that offers high dynamic range, high QE, and high signal-to-noise ratio. According to the company, the spectrometer is ideal for various UV-vis-short-wave NIR spectroscopic measurement applications. B&W Tek, Newark, DE;

Circle 111

UV-vis spectrophotometer

The model U-1900 UV-vis spectrophotometer by Hitachi High Technologies America reportedly includes a four-position cell changer and methods for wavelength scanning, time scanning, and standard curve, method storage. According to the company, the spectrophotometer can be controlled from a PC using the company's UV Solutions software. Hitachi High Technologies America, San Jose, CA;

Circle 112

FT-IR facility

AABSPEC's horizontal large angle reflectance infrared (LARI) option for the company's 2000-A Multi-Mode FT-IR system is designed to provide both a means of introducing a direct read-out thermocouple or an additional vacuum pumping port. According to the company, the option enables analysis of samples such as powders, thin films, and liquids at temperatures ranging from –170 °C to 950 °C and pressures ranging from ultrahigh vacuum to 2000 psi. AABSPEC, Plainview, NY;

Circle 113

Immunosuppressant kit

Waters' MassTrak immunosuppressant kit is designed to be used with the company's LC-MS-MS systems to monitor tacrolimus levels in kidney and liver transplant patients. According to the company, the kit combines quality controls, calibrators, an internal standard, and an HPLC column together with methodology to perform tacrolimus measurements. Waters Corporation, Milford, MA;

Circle 114

Fiber-optic probes

Hellma's fiber-optic probes feature a measuring head made of quartz and are designed to be resistant to nearly all kinds of chemicals and aggressive media for rough usage sites and heavy duty use. According to the company, probe types available range from ultra mini probes with an outer diameter of 3.2 mm to a high pressure–high temperature probe with an outer diameter of 32 mm. Hellma GmbH & Co. KG, Müllheim, Germany;

Circle 115

XRF microscope

Horiba Jobin Yvon's XGT 7000 X-ray fluorescence microscope reportedly features improved sensitivity, motorized XYZ control, multiple vacuum options, and a dedicated acquisition and imaging analysis software package. According to the company, the microscope enables concentrations of 50 ppm or less to be routinely detected and quantified. HORIBA Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ;

Circle 116

FT-IR system

The VIR-9000 series FT-IR system by JASCO features a hermetically sealed interferometer, a DLATGS detector, a high intensity source, KRS-5 windows, and automatic alignment. According to the company, options for the system include MCT, InSb, and InGaAs detectors for increased sensitivity and battery operation. JASCO Inc., Easton, MD;

Circle 117

Raman spectrograph

The Acton LS 785 Raman spectrograph from Princeton Instruments was developed and optimized for Raman spectroscopy in the NIR wavelength range and features a refractive, five-element f/2 lens design that reportedly produces high-quality imaging and field flatness for spectroscopic analysis in the 700–1000 nm region. According to the company, an antireflection coating developed by the Acton Optics Coating Laboratory ensures 99.4% transmission per element over the working spectral range. Princeton Instruments/Acton, Trenton, NJ;

Circle 118

Freezer mills

HORIBA Jobin Yvon's Freezer Mill cryogenic laboratory mills are designed to chill samples in liquid nitrogen and pulverize them with a magnetically driven impactor. According to the company, the product includes an integral liquid nitrogen reservoir, programmable touch-screen controls, and multiple user memory settings. HORIBA Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ;

Circle 119

Standards and supplies catalog

VHG Labs' new catalog offers standards and supplies for spectrochemical analysis, as well as isotopic standards and a line of standards for EPA Methods 200.8 and 6020. According to the company, supplies include autosampler tubes, a PTFE mixing tee for on-line dilution, and the ICP-MS Maintenance Kit for cone and lens cleaning. VHG Labs, Manchester, NH;

Circle 120


The StarBright 785 lasers from Torsana are based upon the company's proprietary feedback technology for broad-area emitting diode lasers and are designed for use in photonic analysis applications such as Raman spectroscopy. According to the company, high power levels can be obtained while maintaining high beam quality, enabling short acquisition time as well as high spatial and spectral resolution. Torsana Laser Technologies A/S, Nivaa, Denmark;

Circle 121

Web tool

Thermo Scientific announces a new interactive web tool designed to help scientists easily find the best UV-vis spectrophotometer system for their individual specifications or by application. According to the company, the tool features application-specific selector guides for the material science, life science, and general laboratory markets. Thermo Fisher Scientific., Waltham, MA;

Circle 122

Flow-channel cells

Precision Cells' flow-channel cells are designed for applications requiring a very thin channel such as particle or blood cell counting and sizing. The pure synthetic fused-silica quartz cells reportedly are custom-made for the users' or manufacturers' specific applications. A standard flow-channel cell is available with possible modifications including cones and inlet-outlet tubes. NSG Precision Cells, Inc., Farmingdale, NY;

Circle 123

Portable Raman spectrometer

Enwave's EZRaman-M field portable Raman analyzer is designed for use in forensic and security applications, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, and educational and research laboratories. The system features a 785 nm frequency stabilized laser with resolution of ~7 cm–1 and spectral coverage of 250–3300 cm–1. Enwave Optronics, Inc., Irvine, CA;

Circle 124

Handheld Raman analyzer

Ahura Scientific's TruScan handheld Raman system is designed for rapid and accurate material identity verification in a rugged, lightweight casing. Optional snap-on accessories include a vial holder, a universal tablet holder, and the FlexProbe fiber-optic extension. Ahura Scientific, Inc., Wilmington, MA;

Circle 125

Diamond ATR accessory

PIKE Technologies introduces the GladiATR diamond ATR accessory for FT-IR analysis. The ATR accessory has a monolithic diamond crystal design and is compatible with pressure applications up to 30,000 psi. According to the company, the product provides a full mid-IR spectral range (4000–400 cm–1) and extended far-IR spectral range (400–2 cm–1) with compatible FT-IR optics. PIKE Technologies, Madison, WI;

Circle 126

Wavelength stabilizing filters

The LuxxMaster stabilizers from PD-LD use photosensitive glass to produce filters to stabilize wavelength (0.01 nm/oC), narrow absorption envelope (0.2 nm FWHM), and improve wavelength accuracy, ± 0.5 nm. PD-LD, Inc., Pennington, NJ;

Circle 127

Nitrogen generator

The NitroFlowLab self-contained membrane nitrogen generator from Parker Balston is designed to produce 99% pure nitrogen with pressures up to 116 psig. A combination of compressors, filtration, and membrane separation produces a continuous supply of nitrogen. High and low-pressure compressors matched to hollow fiber membranes separate the clean air into a concentrated nitrogen stream and an oxygen-enriched permeate stream, which is vented. Parker Hannifin Corporation, Haverhill, MA;

Circle 128

NIR spectrometers

The Near-Infrared Digital Transform Spectrometer (DTS) product family offers an alternative to conventional spectroscopy methods, using a MEMS spatial light modulator in a portable form factor, featuring a single InGaAs detector and no moving parts. The devices also feature low power consumption, utilizing a standard USB connection for both communications and power interfaces. The DTS product family can be configured to operate in various scanning modes, including a monochromator mode, NDIR mode, chemometric mode, and digital transform mode. Polychromix, Wilmington, MA;

Circle 129

Application note

Teledyne Leeman Labs announces the release of a new application note for the Determination of Mercury in Sediments, Soils, and Sludge using the Hydra-C Mercury Analyzer. According to the company, the Hydra Series of products cover a range of techniques, including cold vapor atomic absorption, cold vapor atomic fluorescence, and automated sample preparation, and the Hydra-C extends the capabilities of the Hydra Series by permitting the direct analysis of solid samples by combustion. Teledyne Leeman Labs, Hudson, NH;

Circle 130

Nano flow sensor

Upchurch's noninvasive nano flow sensor, developed in cooperation with Honeywell, reports flow rates in the nanoliter through low microliter-per-minute range. According to the company, the sensor uses MEMS-based thermal anemometry to measure the mass-flow rate of liquids in an isolated flow channel and display it on an LCD readout. The sensor reportedly provides high sensitivity, ultrafast response, high accuracy, and low drift. Upchurch Scientific, Oak Harbor, WA;

Circle 131

Dual readhead encoding

The DSi dual SiGNUM interface encoder from Renishaw combines two SiGNUM SR readheads for high accuracy with an angularly repeatable and customer-located propoZ reference position, which is unaffected by bearing wander or switch-off. According to the company, the encoder combined with the REXM ring offers better than ±1 arc second total installed accuracy. The encoder reportedly can operate at speeds as high as 4500 rpm and temperatures as high as 85 °C. Renishaw, Hoffman Estates, IL;

Circle 132

Accessories catalog

New Era Enterprises has updated its UV-Vis-FL accessories catalog to include valve and flow cells, CD cells, more special application cells, UV-Vis reference standards, and a replacement source lamp. New Era Enterprises, Inc., Vineland, NJ;

Circle 133

Concentric nebulizer

The C-Flow concentric nebulizer for ICP from Savillex Corporation is molded out of PFA and is chemically resistant to most matrices. The nebulizer is designed with a straight, fixed capillary and a one-piece gas port. According to the company, the nebulizer performs consistently at multiple flow rates and provides high sensitivity and low oxides. C-flow nebulizers are now available pre-cleaned and with autosampler probes. Savillex Corporation, Minnetonka, MN;

Circle 134

NIR miniprobes

Specac's Prospect fiber-optic transmission probes are designed for NIR process applications. Constructed of stainless steel and using gold/nickel bonding with sapphire windows, the probes are reportedly capable of operation at temperatures as high as 250 °C and pressures as high as 100 bar. The probes are available with pathlengths of 1, 2, and 5 mm with probe lengths of 100, 200, and 500 mm. Specac Inc, Woodstock, GA;

Circle 135

Centrifugal mill

Retsch's Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 200 incorporates a high torque motor and is designed to handle hundreds of samples per day without cross contamination. According to the company, size reduction in the product takes place by impact and shearing effects between the rotor and a fixed ring sieve. Retsch, Newtown, PA;

Circle 136

Pathlength extension

C Technologies' new Solo-VPE variable pathlength extension reportedly enables UV-vis measurements of varying solution concentrations without the need for dilutions. According to the company, the closed loop system dynamically changes the measurement pathlength based upon user-specified thresholds and criteria. C Technologies Inc., Bridgewater, NJ;

Circle 137

UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer

The MCS 600 spectrometer from Carl Zeiss is designed to allow different UV-Vis-NIR spectrometers to be combined, covering the spectral range from 190–2150 nm, and simultaneously record high-quality spectra from myriad spectral regions, multiple probes, and external sensors. Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Thornwood, NY;

Circle 138

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