VUV Analytics Offers Academic Grant Program

VUV Analytics (Austin, Texas) is offering an academic grant program, available to all higher education institutions in the United States, for research involving the company’s VGA-100 chromatography detector.


The VGA-100 is the world’s first commercially available vacuum ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy instrument. The grant program represents an opportunity for the academic community to pioneer the largely unexplored research applications enabled by VUV spectroscopy.


The grant submission process requires all registrants to complete a short form, and submit a one- to two-page abstract describing the scope of the planned research. The awarded grantee will have access to the VGA-100 for an entire semester. The company’s proposal submission process runs from March 18 to May 1. The grantee will be announced on May 3.


To submit a proposal for the VUV Analytics academic grant, click here.