Alasdair Matheson


Moving Mid-IR Spectroscopy Forward in Medicine

April 01, 2019

Nick Stone of the University of Exeter explains why mid-infrared (mid-IR) spectroscopy is so valuable for spectral imaging in disease research and clinical diagnostics, and discusses his own recent work in this area.

The Benefits of Data-Independent Acquisition in Metabolomics

March 01, 2019

Data-independent acquisition (DIA) makes it possible to re-interrogate data from earlier analyses to determine if new compounds have appeared in a sample previously analyzed. In this interview, Craig Wheelock of the Karolinska Institute discusses the use of DIA in metabolomics.

The Rise of Raman Spectroscopy in Biomedicine

December 01, 2018

Raman spectroscopy is promising some dramatic breakthroughs in biomedical applications. Juergen Popp and his team are determined to realize that promise, by working to make the technique a powerful tool for cell biology and clinical studies.

Measuring Mycotoxins

November 01, 2018

A discussion of challenges in mycotoxin analysis, a new multi-analyte method that does not require sample cleanup, and how analytical chemistry can help reduce contamination by these toxins along the food chain.