Author | Chady Stephan


Single-Particle ICP-MS: A Key Analytical Technique for Characterizing Nanoparticles

March 01, 2017



The National Nanotechnology Initiative defines engineered nanomaterials (ENM) as those with dimensions of 1–100 nm, where their unique characteristics enable novel applications to be carried out. ENMs often possess different properties than their bulk counterparts of the same composition, making them of great interest for a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial, and health care uses. However, the widespread application of ENMs will inevitably lead to their release into the environment, which raises concerns about their potential adverse effects on the ecosystems and their impact on human health.

The Benefits of Single-Particle ICP-MS to Better Understand the Fate and Behavior of Engineered Nanoparticles in Environmental Water Samples

October 02, 2015

Special Issues


SP-ICP-MS demonstrates excellent potential for characterizing nanoparticles in varied types of environmental samples.