Elizabeth Humston-Fulmer


A Fast Method for Targeted Allergen Screening and Nontargeted Characterization for Personal Care Products

October 01, 2016

Compounds that are added as fragrances to personal care products (PCPs) can also be allergens or skin irritants for some consumers. Knowing whether these compounds are present in a product is important for both consumers with known allergies and for manufacturers in order to be compliant with various regulations related to allergens. Here, a GC-TOFMS method was developed to screen for and quantify regulated allergens in approximately 5 minutes. This method utilized a short and narrow chromatographic column along with mathematical deconvolution of the TOFMS data to separate the target allergens from each other in the standards and from matrix interference in samples. Calibration equations were compiled for standards from 1 ppb to 1 ppm (on-column) with excellent linearity and correlation coefficients. These were applied to various commercially-available perfume and cologne samples to determine quantitative information for the targeted allergens. The full-mass range data acquisition also provided for non-targeted characterization and comparisons to better understand the aroma profile of each sample. The reported method reduced analysis time for allergen screening while simultaneously increasing the acquired information about the PCP samples.