Jeff Forsberg


Mercury Determination in Tuna, CRM 463 by USDA Method CLG-MERC1.01 Using the QuickTrace® M-7600 CVAAS Mercury Analyzer

September 13, 2016

Teledyne Leeman Labs QuickTrace® M7600 was used to analyze and determine total elemental mercury (Hg0) concentration in Tuna (CRM 463) following the guidance in USDA Method CLG-MERC1.01 and the operating conditions.

A comparative study of Groundwater EPA 245.7 VS ISO 17852

September 10, 2015

This application is a comparative study of Groundwater, ERM-CA615, EPA Method 245.7 and ISO Method 17852 using a Mercury analyzer. Contamination, interferences and sample preparation are a few of the major obstacles that can arise when monitoring Mercury at this level. Mercury is prevalent through point source contamination that often comes from industry and bio-accumulation.

Mercury Determination in Lichen, BCR-482

April 20, 2015

Due to its ability to absorb trace amounts of mercury, analysis of lichen is a potential model for mercury contamination in a micro-ecosystem modeling system. The purpose of this application note is to validate the capabilities of the QuickTrace® M-7600 Cold Vapor Atomic Absorbance (CVAA) mercury analyzer in the ug/L range.