Kristen Frano


See-Through Measurements of Illicit Substances in Commercial Containers with the TacticID®-1064 ST

February 01, 2021

The TacticID-1064 ST has dedicated software and hardware designed to measure materials through both transparent and opaque containers. These through-barrier measurements remove the need for active sampling of potentially dangerous compounds such as fentanyl, leading to safer operations and reduced wait time for clear results. The 1064 nm laser is also an advantage for analyzing fluorescent or impure material. A Raman system with a 785 or 830 nm laser may generate fluorescence from these samples, which can overwhelm the Raman signal and make identification impossible. In this application note, we explore some of the capabilities of the TacticID-1064 ST.

Portable, High-Efficiency Transmission Raman Spectroscopy for At-Line Content Uniformity Testing of Pharmaceutical Tablets

November 02, 2018

Portable transmission Raman spectroscopy, combined with chemometric modeling, is quickly emerging as a valued technique for content-uniformity testing, given its high chemical specificity, which is particularly useful when dealing with complex pharmaceutical formulations that contain multiple components.