Author | Sumedh Phatak


Mercury Detection in Fish Samples by Direct Analysis

April 21, 2015



This paper describes the challenges faced by labs analyzing mercury in fish samples when using conventional technologies such as CVAA and ICP and how direct mercury analysis can overcome these challenges.

Direct Mercury Analysis of Gaseous Samples Using Sorbent Tubes

September 01, 2013

Application Notebook


Direct mercury analysis is ubiquitous in analytical labs within the environmental, petrochemical, and specialty chemicals industry for analyzing mercury in solids and liquids.

Single Reaction Chamber Microwave Digestion for Specialty Chemicals

February 01, 2013

Application Notebook


Single reaction chamber microwave digestion enables a chemist to digest up to 15 different specialty chemical samples simultaneously at temperatures as high as 300 ?C, greatly simplifying the workflow while maintaining superior quality digestions.