Susan Berets and Jeffrey Christenson


An FT-IR Spectroscopic Study of Cooking an Egg Yolk on a Single-Reflection Diamond ATR

February 01, 2016

Single reflection ATR spectroscopy is valuable for examining thermally induced changes in materials. Changes in the water concentration and amide bands of egg yolk were observed using the Harrick DiaMaxATR accessory. Further analysis is possible to obtain more rigorous identification of the heat-induced structural changes.

Polarization in FTIR ATR

December 01, 2015

For all measurements, a Harrick Wire Grid Polarizer (KRS-5 substrate) was used. The polarizer was oriented in the same position for both background and sample measurements. All spectra were collected using an FT-IR spectrometer at an 8 cm-1 resolution averaged over 32 scans.