Thomas J. Tague, Jr.


Chemical Education - easy-to-use FTIR

March 17, 2016

Alpha includes a teaching kit with comprehensive set of tools for universities and vocational schools to demonstrate and explain the application of FT-IR spectroscopy. Comes with starter package of different measurement accessories, wizard guided user interface and detailed instruction manual

Interleaved Time-Resolved FT-IR Spectroscopy

March 17, 2016

The step-scan technique allows the monitoring of the temporal progress of very fast reproducible events (transients). The interferometer mirror consecutively steps to the separate interferogram points one by one where the experiment is restarted again

Raman Spectroscopy applied to Art, Archaeology and Earth Sciences

March 17, 2016

IR and Raman spectroscopy are powerful analytical techniques to detect, discriminate and identify material on a molecular level. Raman spectroscopy offers some advantages when applied to art and archaeology as well as earth sciences.

Fighting Food Fraud with FT-NIR

March 17, 2016

Advanced analytical methods and techniques for food control can help to safeguard human health and even lives. Bruker offers a comprehensive range of lab-based and in-situ solutions to detect and diagnose potential and existing threats and contaminations at any stage

Interleaved Time-Resolved FT-IR Spectroscopy

February 17, 2016

Time-resolved FTIR spectroscopy (TRS) is widely used to characterize the kinetics of single shot chemical reactions via rapid-scan or repeatable kinetics via the step-scan technique. For a certain class of repeatable experiments, interleaved FT-IR spectroscopy can be a powerful and easy-to-use alternative with clear advantages regarding signal-to-noise ratio and/or measurement duration. No other FT-IR manufacturer offers this capability.Hi

Depth Profiling of Complex Samples Using Confocal Raman Microscopy

September 01, 2013

Raman microscopy has evolved into a common method for fast and non-destructive analysis of microscopic samples in forensic and R&D laboratories as well as for troubleshooting in the field of quality control. Samples ranging from art & archeology, materials science, biology, pharmacology to polymers and plastics can be investigated.