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Simple Method for Sensitivity Comparison of Raman Spectroscopic Instruments

November 15, 2016

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There is a need for a simple method that can be used to compare sensitivities of commercially available Raman instruments, especially in the demonstration and evaluation process. This short application note will address this need, with an easy method and non-toxic materials.

Portable Raman Spectroscopy in Archaeology and Art

April 14, 2016



Raman spectroscopy is an important instrument in the arsenal of art conservators and archaeologists. This application note summarizes some recent literature on the selection of portable instruments in this field and also documents some successful work done utilizing background correction to elucidate the composition of some challenging green pigments.

Applications in Gemology Using the TSI LIBS Desktop Analyzer

September 01, 2015

Application Notebook


The TSI® LIBS Desktop Analyzer laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) instrument allows simultaneous determination of all detectable elements present in the material being analyzed.