Steven G. Buckley


Combining Broadband Spectra and Machine Learning to Derive Material Properties

October 01, 2017

With methods such as infrared, Raman, and LIBS, the spectral background contains a wealth of information about material properties of the sample. Now, such information can be derived by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

New Devices in the Infrared Provide Sensitivity, Speed, and Size Improvements

October 01, 2016

Infrared reflectance and absorption spectroscopy have been practiced for decades. New capabilities in detectors and light sources are quickly changing the landscape in the near- and mid-infrared, where fundamental vibrations and overtone bands allow sensitive measurements in applications related to food safety, precision agriculture, energy, and smart manufacturing, to name a few.  This article outlines some of the most recent innovations and how they might be applied in real-world systems.