Adam Gilmore is Co-Winner of 2022 Japanese Photochemistry Association Technical Award

Adam Gilmore, of Horiba Scientific’s Piscataway, New Jersey office, shared the 2022 Japanese Photochemistry Association Technical Award for Fluorescence Instrumentation with Kiyoaki Hara of Horiba STEC, and Yuichi Kitagawa of Horiba Techno Service’s Analytical and Testing Technology Department.

The award was present at the annual meeting on Photochemistry 2022 at Kyoto University (Kyoto, Japan) for their “Development of Ultra-Sensitive Modular Fluorescence Spectrometer with Time-Resolved Function and its Applications.”

The Japanese Photochemistry Association, established in 1976, is an academic society, with more than 1,000 individual members and 43 supporting members, that conducts basic research and a wide range of applied technologies in the fields of photochemistry and phototechnology.

The Photochemistry Society of Japan's Technology Award is presented to individuals who have made outstanding achievements in the development or industrialization of photochemistry-applied technologies, and who have been recommended by other members or directors. This year's Technology Award was recommended by Professor Naoto Tamai of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Kwansei Gakuin University, in Japan.