Highlights of Spectroscopy’s 2021 Review of New Spectroscopic Instrumentation


Spectroscopy’s annual product review has become a go-to source for keeping up with the latest spectroscopy instruments, components, accessories, and software. In it, you can find everything that has been launched over the past 12 months, including at the most recent Pittcon event. Here, we offer highlights of the 2021 review, which appeared in our May issue, featuring new products in the atomic, Raman, and infrared (IR) categories of spectroscopy.

Atomic Spectroscopy

Agilent Technologies featured a helium mode collision cell and half mass correction to control polyatomic and doubly charged ion interferences.

Exum Instruments, Inc. introduced Massbox, the first commercial instrument combining laser ablation and laser ionization under vacuum.

Lightigo exhibited FireFly, an instrument specializing on chemical imaging of solid samples and featuring a motorized objective turret, laser microfocus, and long depth of field. Lightigo’s FireFly could have also been placed in the “Imaging” category.

PerkinElmer, Inc. presented two instruments. The first is the Avio 560, an inductively coupled plasma–optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) instrument. The second is the NexION 5000 Multi-Quadrupole ICP-MS, the first ICP-MS instrument in its category to boast four quadrupoles, and engineered to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of ultratrace elemental analysis.

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the Neoma Multicollector ICP-MS, featuring a new detector array that covers the broadest range of isotopic applications with Qtegra Intelligent Scientific Data Solution (ISDS) software.

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Raman Spectroscopy

B&W Tek LLC, a Metrohm Group Company, showcased three Raman spectrometers. The PTRam is a self-monitoring, self-calibrating high-performance 785-nm Raman spectrometer designed for 24/7 operation. The TacticID Mobile Handheld Raman spectrometer is a handheld 1064-nm Raman spectrometer, featuring a 5-in touch screen. The TacticID-1064 ST is a handheld spectrometer that can safely analyze samples through transparent, semitransparent, and opaque packaging to reduce response time (its 1064 nm excitation produces a fluorescence-free spectrum) and can be integrated with the MisaCal mobile app.

Metrohm USA presented two Raman spectrometers. The Mira P Raman spectrometer makes it possible to build custom analytical methods that capture variations of complex natural product starting materials for biopharmaceutical production. The Misa Raman spectrometer is a portable analyzer system used for rapid, trace-level detection and identification of food additives and contaminants, and features a small footprint and long battery life.

Nanobase, Inc. showed its XperRF hybrid Raman spectrometer, which is a Raman microscope with fluorescence lifetime imaging and TCSPC features. It has a transmission spectrometer for over 90% spectrum peak efficiency. This product could also fall in the “UV-vis” and “Imaging” categories.

Ocean Insight presented the QE Pro-Raman+, which is a modular spectrometer for 785 nm Raman excitation applications. The QE Pro-Raman+ is a high-sensitivity instrument with a spectral range from 150 to 3000 cm-1, plus low noise electronics and a TEC-cooled optical bench.

The Renishaw Virsa Raman Analyzer features fiber optic probes equipped with LiveTrack focus-tracking technology, enabling the analysis of microscopic areas of large objects with irregular surfaces, and enabling the measurement of large samples that will not fit under a conventional microscope.

Wasatch Photonics showed the WP 532 EXR, an extended-range Raman spectrometer that offers high signal, fast measurements, and low limits of detection. The design uses the company’s VPH transmission gratings and an f/1.3 input for maximum signal collection. The WP 532 EXR could also apply to the “UV-vis” category.”

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Mid-IR and Terahertz (THz)

Ocean Insight’s NanoQuest spectral sensor Fourier-transform IR (FT-IR) spectrometer features a micro electro mechanical system (MEMS)–based FT-IR spectrometer that is smaller and more accessible than traditional laboratory-based instrumentation. The MEMS technology allows for a continuous-wave Michaelson interferometer to be created monolithically on a MEMS chip, which enables detection of all wavelengths simultaneously across the 1350–2500 nm range, using a single-photodetector design. This product could fit into the “NIR” category.

PerkinElmer, Inc. presents three FT-IR instruments. The Spectrum Two+ is a compact, powerful, and portable FT-IR spectrometer for routine compositional and quality analyses, providing fast and accurate results. The Spectrum 3 FT-IR Spectrometer, is a tri-range instrument with full integration. The EGA 4000 is the world’s first fully integrated thermogravimetric analysis-infrared spectrometry (TG-IR) system for evolved gas analysis (EGA). The Spectrum 3 could also apply to the “NIR” category.

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Near-Infrared (NIR)

Avantes B.V. introduced the AvaSpec-Mini-NIR Compact NIR spectrometer, which is the size of a deck of cards and is USB-powered, making it easy to integrate into other devices and handheld applications.

Galaxy Scientific Inc. introduced the QuasIR 2000 with a large area diffuse reflectance probe fiber optic FT-NIR spectrometer; this probe is designed to enable more accurate and repeatable NIR measurements of inhomogeneous samples.

Metrohm USA’s DS2500 Liquid Analyzer features smart accessory technology, integrated temperature control to 80 °C, and automatic background correction.

Sensors Unlimited has a high-speed, extended InGaAs photodiode linear array that offers extended wavelength range of 1.1–2.6 μm. This product could also apply to the “Components” category.

Surface Optics Corporation’s 410-Solar-i Portable Vis-NIR Reflectometer features a battery-operated handheld reflectometer for portable solar reflectance and absorbance measurements. This product could also apply to the “UV-vis” category.

Viavi Solutions Inc. presented three NIR instruments. The MicroNIR PAT-L is specifically designed for liquid applications as an immersion NIR spectrometer that features multiple configurations and various mounting options for diverse applications. The MicroNIR PAT-Ux features good manufacturing practice (GMP)–compliant software with an optional open platform communications (OPC) add-in and a rapid acquisition time. The MicroNIR PAT-Wx is rated for hazardous locations and certified as being compliant with ATmospheres EXplosible (ATEX), International Electrotechnical Commission System (IECEx), and National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements.

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To read the complete article, which includes an overview of trends, and products in additional categories such as imaging, mass spectrometry, software, UV-vis, X-ray, accessories, and more, please see the May issue of Spectroscopy in print or online at https://www.spectroscopyonline.com/view/2021-review-of-new-spectroscopic-instrumentation

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