Pittcon Review, Appendix V: Mass Spectrometry

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Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy-05-01-2012, Volume 27, Issue 5

Additional information from the mass spectrometry section of the Pittcon Review article.

Manufacturer: 1st Detect

Product name: MMS-1000

Product type: Mass spectrometer

For: Laboratory and process analysis

Portable: 6 x 12 x 8 in.

Accessories available: Preconcentrator, thermal desorber

Measurement mode: Ion trap

Special features: Affordable, small benchtop footprint, fast analysis, wide mass range, high sensitivity, high resolution

Suggested applications: Laboratory research, process control, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, teaching aid, classroom, food and beverage manufacturing, forensics

Primary benefits: Laboratory quality analysis

Manufacturer: Advion

Product name: Expression CMS

Compact Mass Spectrometer

Description: Personal single-pole quadrupole mass spectrometer, compact enough to operate in fume hoods and space-restricted laboratories

Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies

Product name: Agilent 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS (ICP-QQQ)

For: Laboratory analysis

Special features: The only triple-quadrupole ICP-MS system. The 8800 ICP-QQQ has higher sensitivity and lower backgrounds. This configuration enables MS-MS operation, providing precise control of reaction processes. MS-MS capability also enables several unique measurement modes and eliminates problematic interferences.

Software: 21CFR11 compliant, cGMP compliant, may be used in other equipment.

Suggested applications: Elemental analysis across all applications, low-level analysis of sulfur and phosphorus.

Unique features: Industry-leading matrix tolerance with Agilent's HMI technology; MS-MS capability permits controlled reaction chemistry

Manufacturer: Bruker Corporation

Product name: SCION TQ gas chromatograph–mass spectrometer

For: Laboratory analysis

New this year: Flow-through design, axial source, lens-free design, compound based scanning with MRM library, EDR detector

Special features: Increased robustness, reduced tuning and system maintenance, faster method development, increased dynamic range and reduced inter-scan delay.

Software: Available as separate product, 21CFR11 compliant, cGMP compliant, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Primary benefits: Compound-based scanning, simplified set up, fast scanning, increased accuracy of assays, reduces tuning and maintenance of system.

Suggested applications: Food testing: pesticide residues and adulterants; priority pollutants: PCBs and PBBs; forensic/toxicology: drugs of abuse in hair; sports medicine: doping, steroids, or performance enhancing agents; sourcing of petroleum biomarkers

Manufacturer: Ionicon Analytik GmbH


Product name: High-Sensitivity PTR-QMS 500 mass spectrometer (PTR-MS, proton transfer reaction mass spectrometer)

New this year: Launch of new quadrupole-based series, completely reengineered instrument generation.

For: Laboratory and process analysis

Primary benefits: Detection limit < 1 pptv, ultra high sensitivity, response time down to 100 ms; measure with high resolution in real-time

Unique features: Analysis of entire mass range in a split second, no sample preparation necessary, direct air sampling.

Suggested applications: Low-concentration (pptv-range) volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for environmental research (atmospheric chemistry, BTEX, BVOC studies), food and flavor science (aroma, fragrance and flavor quantification), illicit substances and explosives detection.

Manufacturer: Ionicon Analytik GmbH

Product name: PTR-QMS 300 mass spectrometer

New this year: Updated software and solution portfolio based on the PTR-QMS 300 platform.

For: Laboratory and process analysis

Primary benefits: Small, lightweight, easily transportable, short start-up time and real-time VOC detection with a detection limit of < 0.5 ppbv

Unique features: Entire mass range analysis in split-second, no sample preparation necessary, direct air sampling.

Suggested applications: Process monitoring, mobile deployment, and customized monitoring solutions

Manufacturer: Ionicon Analytik GmbH

Product name: PTR-TOF 8000 mass spectrometer

For: Laboratory analysis

New this year: Improved sensitivity and detection limit by one order of magnitude.

Primary benefits: Mass resolution up to 8000, response time of 100 ms and detection limit in the single-digit pptv-range with a high resolution in real-time

Unique features: Separation of isobaric compounds, entire mass range analysis in a split second, no sample preparation necessary, direct air sampling.

Suggested applications: Low-concentration (pptv-range) volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Used in environmental research (atmospheric chemistry, BTEX, BVOC studies), food and flavor science (aroma, fragrance and flavor quantification), detection of illicit substances and explosives.

Manufacturer: Ionics

Product name: Triple Quadrupole MS

Description: Triple-Quadrupole GC–MS-MS system

Manufacturer: Livermore Instruments, Inc.

Product name: SPAMS 3.0

(single particle aerosol mass spectrometer)

For: Laboratory & Process

New this year: It is being made available to end-users.

Measurement mode: The SPAMS 3.0 draws in single particles, determines their size, and collects a dual-polarity mass spectrum from each individual one; measuring many per second in real time.

Special features: SPAMS instruments inherently can be used in the field.

Primary benefits: Can determine the size and chemical composition of aerosol particles and automatically interpret that data in real-time.

Unique features: A SPAMS 3.0 can process a range of particles sized from 100 nm to 30 μm.

Manufacturer: nanoLiter, LLC

Product name: nanoLiter Cool Wave X

Mass spectrometer and other sample input, placement device.

For: Laboratory and Process analysis

Description: Can print liquids for MS or ATIR, other.

Special features: Transfers 100% of liquid samples into mass spectrometers or other instruments.

Software:21CFR11 compliant, cGMP compliant, may be used in other equipment, Compatible with other manufacturers' equipment

Suggested applications: Mass spectrometry, ESI proteomics, MALDI bacteria characterizations per NIH work, SIMS, LDI, DART, and DESI.

Primary benefits: 10–100X increase in sensitivity, allows making spatially tight concentrations of depositions for ATIR and other forms of spectroscopy including MALDI, SIMS, DART and DESI.

Manufacturer: Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC

Product name: STA-GC-MS

GC–MS system coupled to simultaneous TGA-DSC

For: laboratory analysis

New this year: Thermo gravimetric analyzer connected to GC–MS

Suggested applications: Evolved gas analysis of polymers, pharmaceuticals, and foods

Primary benefits: Separation of compounds in evolved gas prior to analysis with MS

Unique features: TGA of TG-GC–MS system can be equipped with automatic sample changer.

Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Product name: Thermo Scientific iCAP Q ICP-MS

For: Lab analysis

New this year: User-inspired design, interference removal technology, increased throughput, robust

Accessory/component: Autosampler enclosure, LC/IC/GC coupling, autosamplers and others

Measurement mode: Mass spectrometry

Suggested applications: Environment, food safety, semiconductor, pharma, reasearch, geochem

Primary benefits: Ease of use, throughput, performance, reliability

Unique features: New skimmer cone insert technology, QCell collision cell with flatapole technology

Manufacturer: Waters Corporation

Product name: Waters SQ Detector 2

Single-quadrupole MS detector

For: Lab analysis

New this year: The SQ Detector 2 is Waters' newest single-quadrupole mass detector.

Description: Wide mass range (3000 m/z), 15000 Da/s scan speed, compatible with the Waters Universal Ionization Source platform, UPLC, HPLC, GC, preparative HPLC, and Waters UPC2, ZSpray technology

Accessory/component: wide range of ionization modes including ESI, APCI, ESCi, nanoFlow ESI, TRIZAIC, ASAP, APPI and APGC, DESI, DART, and LDTD.

Measurement mode: Typically used as an LC–MS system and autopurification system

Special features: Ease of use, robustness and reliability, versatility, designed for compatibility with chromatographic and nonchromatographic analyses.

Software: MassLynx MS software, available as separate product, 21CFR11-compliant ready, cGMP compliant ready,

Suggested applications: Routine qualitative and quantitative applications within the pharmaceutical, chemical materials, food safety and environmental industries for both small and large molecule applications.

Primary benefits: a mass detection system that is easy to use and gives consistent, reliable results.

Unique features: Enables LC–MS, SFC–MS, GC–MS, and direct sample analysis

Manufacturer: Waters Corporation

Product name: Waters Synapt G2-S high-definition MS system

Hybrid orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight mass spectrometer

For: Lab analysis

New this year: Has both StepWave ion transfer optics and Triwave ion mobility technologies

Special features: 30X improvement in signal intensity, 5X improvement in signal-to-noise, and 10-fold improvement in limits of quantitation over previous-generation mass spectrometers. Combines high-resolution MS-MS with high-efficiency ion-mobility spectroscopy.

Accessory/Component: High-Definition MSE acquisition method in proteomics studies, five orders of magnitude dynamic range.

Suggested applications: Proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, drug discovery and development, polymers, petrols, imaging, food and environmental studies, biomarker discovery.

Unique features: Comprehensive MSE data acquisition, T-wave ion mobility separations,

Manufacturer: Waters Corporation

Product name: Waters Xevo TQD

Tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer for routine quantitative LC–MS-MS analyses.

For: Lab applications

New this year: This is the newest addition to Waters' Xevo family of tandem quadrupole mass spectrometers

Accessory/component: Wide range of ionization modes: ESI, APCI, ESCi, nanoFlow ESI, TRIZAIC, ASAP, APPI, and APGC.

Description: Typically used as a UPLC–MS-MS system

Special features: TQD features RADAR technology. RADAR technology is a data acquisition approach that allows scientists to monitor for matrix interferences, metabolites, impurities, and degradants in their samples while accurately quantifying their target compounds.

Software: MassLynx MS software

21CFR11-compliant ready, cGMP-compliant ready,

Suggested applications: Routine quantitative applications, robustness, reliability, and ease of use are the primary objectives. Many of these applications are within the chemical materials, environmental, food safety, and pharmaceutical industries.

Unique features: Collision cell technology, Rapid polarity switching