Pittcon Review, Appendix VI: Mid-IR



Volume 27
Issue 5

Additional information from the Mid-IR section of the Pittcon Review article.

Manufacturer: ABB Analytical Measurements


Product name: MB-Rx In-Situ Reaction Monitor

FT-IR spectrometer with ATR probe

New this year: The MB-RX enables high performance reaction monitoring without needing to handle liquid nitrogen.

For: Laboratory analysis

Measurement mode: ATR

Specialty accessory Description: Fiber optics + ATR probe

Special features: Uses room temperature DTGS detector. No consumables or maintenance required.

Software: Available as separate product, 21CFR11-compliant, cGMP-compliant, may be used in other equipment

Suggested applications: In-situ chemical reaction monitoring

Primary benefits: No need to worry about nitrogen supply for cooled detector. Provides LOD of 0.1% w/w acetone in toluene.

Unique features: 10 years maintenance-free

Manufacturer: Anasys Instruments


Product name: nanoIR 100 nm IR spectroscopy

High spatial resolution mid-IR spectrometer

New this year: The nanoIR now has arbitrary polarization control, enabling researchers to study molecular orientation with nanoscale spatial resolution.

For: Laboratory analysis

Accessory/component: Polarization accessory to our nanoIR product

Measurement mode: Transmission

Specialty accessory Description: The accessory enables arbitrary polarization control on the nanoIR, thus enabling researchers to study molecular orientation with nanoscale spatial resolution.

Suggested applications: Anywhere study of molecular orientation is important, for example, fibers or oriented polymers, etc.

Primary benefits: Can provide molecular orientation on a single fiber.

Manufacturer: Block Engineering


Product name: LaserBench

Mid-IR tunable QC laser benchtop spectrometer

New this year: Brand-new product. Benchtop broadly tunable laser-based infrared spectrometer. Capable of extended performance compared to FT-IR. Uses standard FT-IR accessories.

For: Laboratory analysis

Special features: A quantum cascade laser (QCL) spectrometer that is the first of its kind; designed into a laboratory instrument. Accepts most standard FT-IR accessories, file structure supports GRAMS .SPC data format.

Suggested applications: All standard applications considered for FT-IR, but capable of handling more difficult samples, in particular those requiring more energy for good quality spectra.

Primary benefits: Capable of providing higher quality infrared spectral data when compared to a traditional FT-IR instrument.

Unique features: Infrared instrument that uses a quantum cascade laser as the IR source

Manufacturer: Block Engineering


Product name: LaserScan analyzer

Portable or benchtop mid-IR laser spectrometer for open path and stand-off measurements

For: Lab analysis

New this year: Fully self-contained to enable stand-off measurements at distances from 6 in. Used for gas/vapor detection in an open path (retro-reflective) configuration.

Portable: 10 x 8 x 5 in. (254 x 203 x 127 mm)

Accessory/component: Open cell attachment for extended path vapor measurements

Measurement mode: Diffuse reflection or transflectance

Specialty accessory Description: Tunable mid-IR laser analyzer; over ranges of 1600–1000 cm-1 and 1430–830 cm-1

Special features: Portable with carrying handle, continuous or step scan tuning; Pulse rate: 200kHz, insensitive to stray light; Line width: <1 cm-1, Spectral resolution software selectable (1, 2, 4, and 8 cm-1); Average power: 0.5–12 mW over full spectral range; Vertically polarized collimated beam. Integrated MCT detector.

Suggested applications: Surface contamination studies, identification of spills, bulk or trace level measurements, open space gas/vapor identification and monitoring.

Primary benefits: Covers the fingerprint region, no sample preparation needed.

Unique features: Noncontact sample identification of 2 μg/cm2. ID in bulk or trace levels. Targeting visible laser included for accurate sample locating. Laser is eyesafe.

Manufacturer: FTRX LLC


Product name: Monolith 20 FT-IR spectrometer

Mid-infrared FT-IR spectrometer designed for OEM incorporation into industrial analyzers

For: Process applications

New this year: Brand-new product. Ultrastable monolithic-interferometer spectrometer

Measurement mode: Versatile 1-in. collimated output for ease in mating to user-supplied sampling systems

Special features: Pre-aligned, sealed and desiccated monolithic, modular, intrinsically stable (against temperature, vibration, orientation changes) interferometer, for stable chemometric results, optimized for quantitative applications, instrument-to-instrument reproducibility for ease of calibration transfer, suitable for use in harsh industrial environments and mobile platforms.

Software: EFTIR for data collection and spectral manipulation. Is available as separate product, may be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Suggested applications: Gas, liquid, and solid analysis for incorporation into application-specific analyzers by manufacturers and system integrators.

Manufacturer: Wilks Enterprise, Inc.


Product name: InfraCal 2 Analyzer

Fixed filter mid infrared analyzer

For: Lab, process, and handheld applications

New this year: Touch-screen display, internal data storage for up to 6000 analyses and 2000 calibration, three user security levels to avoid tampering, two settings each for HI/LO alarms, multilingual display option, multiple analytical wavelengths

Portable: 7.86 in. L x 6.7 in. W x 5.85 in. H

Measurement mode: ATR or transmission

Accessory: Transmission sample stage will accept cards or different path-length cells.

Special features: Battery powered for on-site field measurements, multiple wavelengths for up to three specific analyses, dedicated analyzer for specific applications, designed for operation by non-technical personnel, rugged no moving parts.

Software: Embedded, and is available as separate product,

Suggested applications: Sub-ppm oil in solvent or water, multilayer polymer film, any dedicated production, QC, environmental or regulatory quantitative measurement

Primary benefits: Allows more expensive spectroscopic equipment to be freed up from routine analyses. Can be used on-site in rugged environments for quick results.

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