Pittcon Review, Appendix XII: UV-Visible and X-ray



Volume 27
Issue 5

Additional information from the UV-visible and X-ray section of the Pittcon Review article.

Manufacturer: Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc.


Product name: NEX QC VS

Product type: Benchtop EDXRF spectrometer

For: Laboratory analysis

Portable: 13 X 17 X 9 in., 35 lb

Measurement mode: X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

Special features: Portability, touch screen user interface, data transfer

Suggested applications: Jewelry and metals analysis, RoHS rapid screening of plastics, general quality control applications

Primary benefits: Low cost, small spot, non-destructive elemental analysis

Unique features: Small spot collimators, CCD camera, and fundamental parameters

Manufacturer: Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc.


Product name: MiniFlex

X-ray diffraction (XRD)

For: Laboratory analysis

Measurement mode: Reflection

Special features: Sample changer, graphite monochromator, 300-W or 600-W X-ray tube, high speed silicon strip detector (optional).

Suggested applications: Phase identification, quantitative analysis of polycrystalline phases.

Primary benefits: New fifth-generation design, benchtop form factor; low cost-of-ownership; 110-V power requirement; no external cooling (300-W model); ideal teaching instrument for universities and colleges.

Unique features: In this category of benchtop XRD, the new fifth generation MiniFlex uniquely offers a graphite monochromator (for high S/N) and a sample changer (for high throughput)

Manufacturer: Avantes


Product name: AvaSpec-RS series

UV–vis–-NIR rechargeable slit spectrometer

For: Lab, process, handheld applications

New this year: The rechangeable slit allows you to adapt the spectrometer on you changing needs; higher throughput or higher resolution

Primary benefits: It really supports customer demands for flexibility and configurability.

Unique features: Configurable spectrometer with an exchangeable slit

Manufacturer: Horiba Scientific – OEM Division

www.horiba.com/VS7000+ or www.horiba.com/us/en/scientific/products/oem-mini-ccd-spectrometers/ccd-pda-spectrometers/details/vs7000-16395/

Product name: VS-7000+ Mini CCD Spectrometer

UV–vis–NIR spectrometer

For: Process and handheld applications

New this year: Unmatched 7000:1 dynamic range back-Illuminated CCD for high-end OEM applications

Portable: 2.9 × 4.1 × 4.3 in. (73.0 × 103.2 × 109.4 mm)

Accessory/component: SMA fiber-optic coupling and USB-2 high-speed interface

Measurement mode: Emission, fluorescence, or absorbance

Special features: On-board averaging

Suggested applications: Semiconductor, medical, biotechnology OEM applications. Ideal for industrial low-light applications such as fluorescence, emission, absorbance, and reflectance.

Primary benefits: High throughput (f/2.8); ultralow stray light from UV to NIR; new tall back-illuminated CCD with amazing dynamic range in its category.

Unique features: Outperforms current mini-spectrometers based on front-illuminated Sony or Toshiba CCDs, or low-cost back-illuminated CCDs.

Manufacturer: Ibsen Photonics


Product name: FREEDOM

Available as: OEM spectrometer module for UV, visible, and NIR

Used for Process analysis

Portable: 20 x 40 x 50 mm (0.8 x 1.6 x 2.0 in.)

Specialty accessory design: Fiber, fiber bundle, control electronics, software

Measurement mode: Supports transmission, reflection, Raman, and fluorescence measurements.

Special features: Available as special product. Used in and compatible with other equipment.

Suggested applications: OEM integration in instruments for absorbance, reflectance, Raman, fluorescence, and light source characterization.

Primary benefits: The combination of small size, and thermal stability with robustness, high resolution, and flexibility in detector system choice.

Manufacturer: Laxco, Inc.


Product name: Alpha Spectrophotometers

UV–vis cost-effective spectrophotometers

For: Laboratory and process analysis

Special features: Brand-new product, introduced at Pittcon 2012. Wavelength ranges available between 325 and 1000 nm, depending on model. Cost-effective prices with competitive capabilities.

Accessory/component: Full line of accessories available

Primary benefits: Software enables remote control and data collection, available as separate product, 21CFR11 compliant.

Manufacturer: Laxco, Inc.


Product name: DSM

Cell density meter

For: Laboratory, handheld application

Portable: 194 x 84 x 173 mm (W x H x D), 0.8 kg.

Measurement mode: 600 nm via fiber cables

Special features: Brand-new product, introduced at Pittcon 2012. Portable, battery powered, small to handheld instrument, one-button operation, spill-proof design, USB port for data collection, highly durable.

Software:21CFR11 compliant

Suggested applications: Cell density measurement of various organics like E. coli, yeast, bacterium, and other organic materials.

Primary benefits: The unit is battery powered, portable, and can be used in incubators, fume hoods, and the like.

Manufacturer: Lovibond North America


Product name: Lovibond PFXi Color Measurement SpectroColorimeter


For: Lab analysis

New this year: RCMSi calibration, larger screen, free Windows based software, USB and Ethernet ports

Description: Recently released spectrocolorimeter for precise color measurement of transparent liquids. Provides results as per standard color scales such as ASTM Color, Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA, Gardner, Saybolt, AOCS, USP and many others, 6-in. sample cell, sample cell chamber easily cleanable, heated sample cell, "RCMSi" remote calibration.

Portable: 17 x 8 x 7 in.

Accessory/component: Windows compatible software, optical glass cells for color scales, flowthrough cells, conformance filters, and liquid standards.

Measurement mode: available scales include CIE L*a*b*, %T, ASTM Color, Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA, Gardner, Saybolt, AOCS, USP, and others

Manufacturer: MecaSYS Co., Ltd.


Product name: OPTIZEN α

UV-vis double beam spectrophotometer

For: Lab analysis

New this year: Operating system based on Android, online connection through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection to connect with Android based tablet PC. Direct e-mail push through Wi-Fi. 10.1-in. full color touch screen,

Unique features: Fully automatic slide cell box cover, voice guide, hybrid option, double beam scanning type, three detectors: (two photodiode sensors and CCD array sensor).

Manufacturer: Moxtek, Inc.


Product name: 50kV OptiMAG Monoblock

Available as: Component- Monoblock X-ray source

For: Hand-held analysis, portable, bench top

Special features: Small stable focal spot, high X-ray output, low power consumption, low spectral contamination.

Suggested applications: Materials characterization and identification; X-ray imaging such as medical R&D, small animal imaging, security, or radiographic inspection.

Primary benefits: Low detection limits, easy to integrate, long battery life, and clean spectrum.

Manufacturer: Nippon Instruments Corporation


Product name: Model RA-4500 Automated Mercury Analyzer

Available as: Mercury analyzer using atomic absorption spectroscopy

For: Laboratory analysis

Measurement mode: Atomic absorption

Special features: Fully automated agestion and analysis; 21CFR11 compliant; and cGMP compliant.

Suggested applications: Mercury analysis by EPA Methods 245.1, SW-846 7470, and SW-846 7471

Primary benefits: Full automation of sample preparation and analysis with no user intervention

Unique features: Compact with built-in exhausted cover

Manufacturer: Ocean Optics


Product name: Maya2000 Pro-VIS-NIR spectrometer

UV–vis spectrometer

For: Laboratory and process analysis

New this year: A back-thinned 2D FFT-CCD with 80% peak quantum efficiency from ~400 to 1100 nm. New features include triggering functions for accurate timing and synchronization. Couples via SMA 905 connector to fiber-optic light sources and accessories.

Portable: 149 x 109 x 50 mm

Measurement mode: Absorbance, transmission, reflection, emission, fluorescence

Special features: Multiple grating options; support for RS-232; 10 user-programmable digital I/Os

Software: Overture (Windows only) or SpectraSuite operating software (Windows, OS X, and Linux)

Suggested applications: Low light-level applications, Raman, analysis of gases used in semiconductor processing and biological samples in the life sciences.

Primary benefits: Excellent response in the vis–NIR region, good option for modular Raman applications.

Unique features: Peak quantum efficiency at 700 nm, with 40% quantum efficiency at 1000 nm.

Manufacturer: Ocean Optics


Product name: QE65 Pro spectrometer

UV–vis spectrometer

For: Lab and process analysis

New this year: Ocean Optics' next-generation scientific-grade miniature spectrometer. New features include high sensitivity, low stray light, enhanced thermal design, triggering functions, and replaceable slits.

Portable: 182 x 110 x 47 mm

Accessories: Couple via SMA 905 connector to fiber-optic light sources and other accessories

Measurement mode: Absorbance, transmission, reflection, or emission.

Special features: Multiple grating options; new mirrors to optimize reflectivity, new optical bench mirrors

Software: Overture or SpectraSuite

Suggested applications: Low light level applications such as Raman, DNA sequencing, and fluorescence.

Primary benefits: High performance, reasonable price, modular approach, multiple grating options, and replaceable slit design.

Unique features: Thermoelectric cooling; high quantum efficiency (90%).

Manufacturer: Shanghai Mapada Instruments Co., Ltd


Product description: Mapada provides a series of UV–vis spectrometers with a variety of wavelength ranges (within the range 190–1100 nm), sources, optical configurations (single versus double beam), and spectral resolutions.

Manufacturer: Shimadzu


Product name: UV-2600 spectrophotometer

Available as: UV-visible spectroscopy

For: Laboratory analysis

CGMP compliant

Suggested applications: Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, environmental, photovoltaics, films, electronics, optics, and cosmetics

Primary benefits: Equipped with a single monochromator, the UV-2600 features a measurement wavelength range to 1400 nm, using the ISR-2600Plus two-detector integrating sphere. This ultra-wide range permits measurements in the NIR region, and expanded research of photovoltaics and other materials.

Other benefits include: Smaller installation space. Validation software provided with expanded functionality with a wide range of available accessories

Unique features: Enables near-infrared measurements up to 1400 nm. A compact 450 mm width size reduces the required installation space by 28%. Validation software supports USP, EP, and JP test requirements.

Manufacturer: Shimadzu


Product name: UV-2700 spectrophotometer

Available as: UV–visible spectrometer

For: Laboratory analysis

cGMP compliant

Suggested applications: Life sciences, cosmetics, medicines, electronics, environment (water), foods, films/thin films

Primary benefits: With its double monochromator design and Lo-Ray-Ligh diffraction gratings, the UV-2700 achieves ultra-low stray light of 0.00005 %T at 220 nm. Its photometric performance range has been expanded to 8 Abs, with a transmittance value of 0.000001%. This eliminates the need to dilute samples and allows the measurement of low transmittance samples.

Other benefits include: Smaller installation space; validation software provided as standard; and expanded functionality with a wide range of available accessories.

Unique features: High absorbance level to 8 Abs; validation software is included as standard to support GLP/GMP; the software supports USP, EP, and JP test requirements. A wide range of accessories is available, including a multipurpose sample compartment, film holder, specular reflectance measurement attachment, and capillary cell sets for precious and biological samples

Manufacturer: Spectraline, Inc.


Product name: Spectraline VS 100

UV–vis spectrometer

For: Lab analysis

New this year: An ultrafast spectrometer where each spectrum is obtained at a frequency of 20 kHz or 50 μs

Portable: 11 x 11 x 5 in.

Measurement mode: Emission

Description: 2D scanner to provide full hyperspectral imaging

Suggested applications: Research into explosions, characterization of ultrafast pulsed lasers

Primary benefits: Enables studies of sub millisecond phenomena, which is not possible with current systems.

Unique features: Wide spectral range 300–1100 nm

Manufacturer: tec5USA


Product name: MultiSpecEthernet

UV–vis–NIR spectrometer system

For: Laboratory, process, or hand-held analysis

Measurement mode: Transmission, reflection, or ATR

Description: Uses all kinds of fiber-optic probes and measurement heads

Special features: Multichannel capability, permanent wavelength calibration, sampling rate of up to 1000 spectra/s. Software available as separate product, may be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment

Suggested applications: Dissolution, general concentration, reflection, transmission, thin films, fluorescence

Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific


Product name: NanoDrop Lite

Available as: UV–vis spectrophotometer

For: Laboratory analysis

Measurement mode: Absorbance

Accessory/component: Optional docking style printer

Special features: Local control instrument, compact microvolume (1–2 μL) spectrophotometer with NanoDrop patented sample retention system (no cuvette or containment device needed) — sample held in place with surface tension

Suggested applications: Measuring nucleic acids or protein concentration and purity ratio for nucleic acids (A260/280)

Primary benefits: NanoDrop technology in a compact format. Very small so fits easily on any benchtop. No dilutions or expensive consumables required. Very fast measurement time: 5 s. Easy to clean.

Unique features: Local control NanoDrop instrument provides basic microvolume measurements. Fast, easy to use, and highly accurate. Optional printer.

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