Precision Glassblowing



Volume 30
Issue 12

Company Description

Precision Glassblowing has been manufacturing ICP and ICP-MS, general scientific, and custom glassware for over 30 years. We continue to grow with almost 50 employees and nearly 400 years of combined professional glassblowing experience. Honesty, integrity, and great customer service are the foundations of our company, and we have developed a reputation for quality products and competitive pricing. We strive to maintain stock on commonly ordered parts so we can offer same-day shipping on most orders. Beyond production manufacturing, Precision is also involved with the R&D of new products, and is equally comfortable in custom one-off production.


Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • ICP

  • ICP-MS


  • AA

Markets Served

Precision Glassblowing serves both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users on every continent of the globe. With a strong network of global distributors, we are able to provide quality service and prompt attention to our customers in environmental laboratories, quality assurance and quality control, industrial hygiene, pharmaceutical, and university and research labs.

Major Products/Services

Precision Glassblowing is the market leader in ICP and ICP-MS glass consumable production. In addition to spray chambers, injectors, and the largest selection of nebulizers, the majority of ICP torches on the market, globally, are manufactured by Precision Glassblowing. We offer accessories like cones and pump tubing from partner companies for a one-stop shopping experience. Beyond our large stock of new consumables, we also offer repair service on ICP consumables as well as standard and custom laboratory glassware. All parts are inspected by an independent QC department, utilizing the most modern equipment and methods available to ensure parts meet all specifications.


In addition to 20 glassblowers running 25 lathes of various sizes, our 24,000 square foot facility incorporates a small laboratory and full machine shop with multiple CNC mills, CO2 lasers, ultrasonic mill, and grinding capabilities. And new in 2014, Precision acquired an optics shop for in-house window production.

Precision Glassblowing
4775 E. Hinsdale Ave.
Centennial, CO 80112

(303) 693-7329

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