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Atomic absorption spectrometer

The iCE 3300GF atomic absorption spectrometer from Thermo Fisher Scientific is designed for dedicated graphite furnace analysis in environmental, academic, clinical, and food safety laboratories. The instrument includes an integrated furnace autosampler and reportedly provides deuterium background correction and automatic optical setup. Other features include an Ebert optical system and a graphite furnace vision system. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Waltham, MA;

Elemental analysis service

Evans Analytical Group offers materials characterization measurement support for both production and R&D. The company reportedly can perform major, minor, trace, and ultratrace elemental analyses and helps customers determine trace impurities during materials development, including the addition of dopants and purity certification of raw materials. According to the company, material identification and defect or inclusion analysis also can be performed on unknown solids from a minute amount of material. Evans Analytical Group, Syracuse, NY;

Technology handbook

The Book on the Technologies of Polymicro is Polymicro's guide to optical fiber, capillary tubing, and related assemblies and micro-components. According to the company, the handbook also includes specification sheets. Polymicro Technologies, a Subsidiary of Molex, Phoenix, AZ;

Pixilated polarizers

Moxtek's sub-wavelength pixilated polarizers are two, three, and four-state devices for polarimetric imaging that enable multiple polarizations across the visible and into the IR spectrum to be gathered real-time, allowing 3D imaging and extreme low-light imaging. The polarizers reportedly enable snapshot imaging by eliminating the noise from scene movement in sequential imaging. Moxtek, Inc., Orem, UT;

Diffraction gratings

Diffraction gratings from Optometrics are available for wavelengths ranging from UV to infrared. According to the company, its in-house ruling capabilities and production and development holographic laboratories enable customers to choose the right grating for a given application. Optometrics, Ayer, MA;

Raman spectrometer

B&W Tek's i-Raman thermoelectric-cooled Raman spectrometer is available with BWIQ chemometrics software for quantitative analysis. The spectrometer reportedly offers 830-, 785-, and 532-nm excitation wavelengths and a spectral resolution of 3 cm-1. The instrument also features the company's CleanLaze system for laser stabilization. B&W Tek, Inc., Newark, DE;

CCD camera

Andor's iStar DH320T intensified CCD camera provides -40 °C thermoelectric cooling, low-noise electronics, and high quantum efficiency photocathodes. According to the company, the device has spectral acquisition rates up to 38,000 Hz, timing control with low-jitter electronics, a software control interface, and gating of <2 ns. Andor Technology, Belfast, UK;

Hyperspectral camera

A hyperspectral camera from Horiba uses a 2-D dispersion element to capture all spatial and spectral information in a single image. According to the company, the camera captures the complete spectrum of every point in an image in a single measurement in as little as 3 ms. Horiba Scientific, Edison, NJ;

Milling and sieving magazine

Retsch recently published the 36th edition of The Sample, the company's biannual customer magazine. The new edition focuses on the art of milling and includes application examples from areas such as food, minerals, environment, and plastics. The publication is available for free by downloading a PDF from the company's website. Retsch, Inc., Newtown, PA;

Raman spectrometer

The Craic Apollo Raman spectrometer is designed to be used either in a stand-alone configuration or as an addition to the company's UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer to enhance its capabilities with Raman microspectroscopy. According to the company, the self-contained unit features an excitation source, an optical interface to the microscope, a Raman spectrometer, and software for instrument control and data analysis. Different units reportedly are designed for use with different wavelength lasers and can be used in conjunction with one another. Craic Technologies, San Dimas, CA;

FT-IR spectrometer

The Spectrum Two FT-IR spectrometer from PerkinElmer is designed to perform rapid analytical measurements for unknown substance identification, material qualification, and concentration determination. The spectrometer includes the company's Spectrum Touch touch-screen user interface, which is intended for use in application-specific quality control analysis. According to the company, applications include fuel and lubricant analysis, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical analysis, environmental and polymer analysis, and the teaching of these methods in academic laboratories. PerkinElmer, Inc., Seer Green, United Kingdom;

Inert nebulizer

The Duramist nebulizer from Glass Expansion is designed to be HF resistant and to handle high concentrations of dissolved solids. The nebulizer, which is made of PEEK, reportedly has sensitivity and precision comparable to that of the company's concentric glass nebulizer but can be used in ICP-OES applications involving HF. Glass Expansion, Inc., Pocasset, MA;


The ShakIR ball mill from Pike Technologies is designed to grind and mix IR-transparent diluents for diffuse reflectance measurements. According to the company, the accessory features electronic control and a protective shield for safety during use. Pike Technologies, Madison, WI;

FT-NIR spectrometer

Bruker Optics' Tango FT-NIR spectrometer is designed for use with liquids or solids with an integrated PC and monitor or as a separate analysis station. According to the company, the analyzer can be integrated into a network or used as a stand-alone system. Bruker Optics, Billerica, MA;

High voltage converters

High voltage converters from EMCO High Voltage Corporation are designed with a metal case and a shielded transformer. The 10-W converters reportedly feature low EMI/RFI, low ripple, short-circuit protection, and input–output isolation and filtering. According to the company, the converters are PCB mountable and require no external components. EMCO High Voltage Corporation, Sutter Creek, CA;

UV–vis spectrophometer

Agilent's Cary 60 UV–vis spectrophotometer is designed with fiber-optics capabilities that allow for remote sampling ranging from bulk solutions to cold biological samples. According to the company, the spectrophotometer's lamp typically lasts 10 years. The instrument reportedly includes local language software and tutorials and has a scan rate of up to 24,000 nm/min. Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA;

IR spectrometer

The 4100 ExoScan mid-IR spectrometer from Agilent is a one-module, 6.5-lb system for use in the laboratory or onsite. According to the company, the handheld system features a choice of interchangeable sampling interfaces and allows users to choose diffuse, grazing angle, specular reflection, or spherical ATR sampling interfaces. Applications include infrared absorbing and scattering surfaces, reflective metal surfaces with coatings and films, and bulk materials such as powders and granules. Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA;

EDXRF spectrometer

The EDX-LE energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer from Shimadzu is designed for screening elements regulated by RoHS/EL V directives. According to the company, the spectrometer has automated analysis functions and a detector that does not require liquid nitrogen. Users can customize the functions according to the management method. According to the company, threshold values can be set for each material or element, and the screening judgment can be changed depending on the input method used for threshold values. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc., Columbia, MD;

Mercury analyzer

The Model RA-3000F Gold+ mercury analyzer from Nippon Instruments Corporation is designed for EPA Methods 1631E and 245.7. According to the company, the instrument simplifies low to sub-ppt mercury analysis and reduces reagent consumption and wastes by as much as 80%. Nippon Instruments North America, College Station, TX;

Spectra library

Fiveash Data Management's FDM Raman Organics is a library of 500 Raman spectra of model organic compounds. According to the company, the spectra in the library were run in-focus on a 6-cm-1, whitelight-corrected spectrometer with a 780-nm laser, SNR of 500, and a range of 200–3200 cm-1. The library reportedly is available in most spectral library formats. Fiveash Data Management, Madison, WI;

Diffuse reflectance accessory

The DiffusIR diffuse reflectance accessory from Pike Technologies is designed to enable catalytic research, including investigation of reaction pathways and determination of kinetics assays. According to the company, the accessory's sealed environmental chambers may be configured for temperatures ranging from 150 °C to 900 °C. Pike Technologies, Madison, WI;

ICP-OES system

PerkinElmer's Optima 8x00 ICP-OES system is designed to optimize sample introduction, enhance plasma stability, simplify method development, and reduce operating costs. The system's sample introduction feature is designed to generate a constant flow of uniform droplets for stability and detection limits. Its plasma generator reportedly uses half the argon of traditional systems, and a camera offers continuous viewing of the plasma. PerkinElmer, Waltham, MA;

Raman system for inverted microscopy

The XploRA INV compact analytical Ramam chemical imaging microscope from HORIBA Scientific reportedly combines the automatization features and small footprint of a standard confocal Raman microscope with the capabilities of an inverted microscope for biological applications such as cell research, cancer detection, pharmaceutical verification of intercellular activities, inclusion of microreactors, and incorporation of AFM units for tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. According to the company, the microscope's open structure permits the use of options and add-ons for inverted microscopes, such as micromanipulators, "optical tweezers," and specific enclosures for cell applications. HORIBA Scientific, Edison, NJ;

Raman analyzer

The EZRaman-1-9 portable Raman analyzer from Enwave Optronics is designed to minimize fluorescence and maximize capability oaf Raman analysis in difficult-to-measure samples. According to the company, the analyzer's excitation wavelength is above 900 nm. Enwave Optronics, Inc., Irvine, CA;

Cathodoluminescence microscopes

Quantitative cathodoluminescence microscopes from Attolight AG are designed for analysis from UV to IR with 10-nm spatial resolution throughout the 15–300 K temperature range. Two versions are available: the continuous wave CL10-Infinity system and the time-resolved CL10-10 system. The systems comprise a scanning electron microscope, a nine-axis cryo-nanostage, and an integrated cathodoluminescence system. Attolight AG, Lausanne, Switzerland;

Photovoltaic measurement system

Newport Corporation's Oriel IQE-200 photovoltaic cell measurement system is designed for simultaneous measurement of the external and internal quantum efficiency of solar cells, detectors, and other photon-to-charge converting devices. The system reportedly splits the beam to allow for concurrent measurements. The system includes a light source, a monochromator, and related electronics and software. According to the company, the system can be used for the measurement of silicon-based cells, amorphous and mono/poly crystalline, thin-film cells, copper indium gallium diselenide, and cadmium telluride. Newport Corporation, Irvine, CA;

Microwave digestion system

Milestone's UltraWAVE benchtop microwave digestion system features the company's Single Reaction Chamber design. According to the company, the system uses disposable glass vials instead of traditional digestion vessels, reducing digestion acid volume and lowering digestion blanks. Milestone, Shelton, CT;

Crystallographic database

Release 2011 of the Powder Diffraction File from ICDD contains 715,953 unique material data sets. According to the company, each data set contains diffraction, crystallographic, and bibliographic data, as well as experimental, instrument, and sampling conditions, and select physical properties in a common standardized format. International Centre for Diffraction Data, Newtown Square, PA;

AA spectrophotometer

Shimadzu's AA-7000 Series atomic absorption spectrophotometer is designed for flame and furnace analysis using a 3-D optical system. According to the company, the system achieves flame and furnace detection through adjustment of the light beam and digital filter and includes optical components that restrict light loss. The system reportedly comes equipped with standard background correction methods, a high-speed self-reversal method that provides correction over the 185–900 nm range, and safety features, including a vibration sensor and multimode automatic gas leak check. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc., Columbia, MD;

Industrial gas system

Thermo Fisher's Antaris industrial gas system is designed to provide scanning speeds as high as 5 Hz at 0.5-cm-1 resolution. According to the company, the FT-IR-based analyzer is capable of monitoring dozens of gases simultaneously while providing multicomponent gas analysis. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Madison, WI;

Electron microscopy software

The TEAM EDS 2.0 AnalysisSystem software from Edax Inc. is designed for use with electron microscopes and reportedly streamlines analysis and reporting workflow, boosts user productivity, reduces analysis time, and minimizes error potential. According to the company, the software can compare and review multiple maps simultaneously, extract spectra from the area of interest using a histogram feature, and handle up to 120,000 counts/s. Edax, Inc., Mahwah, NJ;

Dispersive Raman spectrometer

The RamSpec-HR-1064 dispersive Raman spectrometer from BaySpec is designed with a spectral range of 200–3200 cm-1, a high-power narrowband 1064-nm laser, and a high-throughput VPG grating-based spectrograph with the company's deep-cooled InGaAs detector array. The spectrometer reportedly supports multichannel input ports and features a high-temperature extended-length reaction monitoring probes. BaySpec, Inc., San Jose, CA;

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