Volume 23
Issue 2

Featured products from the spectroscopy marketplace.

Portable Raman

JASCO introduces the RMP-300 Series of portable Raman spectrometer systems, featuring an integrated fiber optic probe with a small X-Y-Z stage, a compact laser, a high-throughput spectrograph, and a CCD detector. According to the company, the flexibility of the optical fiber coupling enables remote measurements by locating the probe right at the sample. JASCO, Inc., Easton, MD;

MS system

Waters Corporation has launched the SYNAPT MS system, a quadrupole orthogonal acceleration, time-of-flight (oa-TOF) mass spectrometry platform. According to the company, the product provides an upgrade pathway to the SYNAPT High Definition MS (HDMS) system, enabling researchers to analyze samples differentiated by size, shape, and charge, as well as mass. Waters Corporation, Milford, MA;

Reference materials catalog

Inorganic Ventures introduces its 2008–2009 catalog of stocked certified reference materials, featuring standards for ICP, ICP-MS, IC, AA, wet chemistry, and the latest EPA methods. According to the company, products are color-coded by application and indexed by both catalog number and subject. Inorganic Ventures, Lakewood, NJ;

NIR software

FOSS NIRSystems, Inc. introduces VISION 3.50, software designed for use with the company's near-infrared (NIR) laboratory and process analyzers. According to the company, the software offers support for the latest NIR laboratory and process hardware and features a security system with multiple access levels, secure data archiving, and report generation as well as database and spreadsheet compatibility. FOSS NIRSystems, Inc., Laurel, MD;

Sample identification software

SLICE software from HORIBA Jobin Yvon is designed to archive, query, and compare X-ray spectra. According to the company, the software has been extended to contaminant analysis in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, automotive, engine wear, and semiconductor. HORIBA Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ;

Microscopy instruments

WITec introduces the alpha500 and alpha700 microscopy instruments for automated confocal Raman imaging and atomic force microscopy on large samples. According to the company, a motorized sample stage with a travel range of 150 mm × 100 mm for the alpha500 and 350 mm × 300 mm for the alpha700 allows multiarea and multipoint measurements or overview scans on an arbitrary, user-defined number of measurement points. WITec Instruments Corp., Savoy, IL;

Focal plane arrays

Judson's two-dimensional focal plane arrays (FPAs) in three spectral bands are designed to provide comprehensive solutions for users in the commercial, military, and aerospace communities. According to the company, custom-designed FPA formats, matched ROICs, and application-specific housing packages are included in the product portfolio. Judson Technologies, Montgomeryville, PA;

Mixer mill

Retsch's new Mixer Mill MM 400 is designed for fast and efficient homogenization of small sample volumes in the laboratory. According to the company, the product processes a great variety of materials dry, wet, or cryogenically, and is suitable for the mixing of powder with wax prior to pelletizing. Retsch, Inc., Newtown, PA;

Light source

The AvaLight deuterium/halogen light source from Avantes is designed to extend the dynamic range of the company's AvaSpec spectrometers. According to the company, the product includes a shutter that can be operated manually or via TTL signal from the company's spectrometer platform. Avantes Inc., Broomfield, CO;

Universal controllers

CVI Melles Griot introduces Universal Controllers that reportedly run DPSS or diode lasers from 405 nm to 660 nm in cw or modulation mode where appropriate. According to the company, a common format and command set simplifies integration, and CDRH/CE turnkey and OEM versions are available. CVI Melles Griot, Carlsbad, CA;

FT-IR software

The new ChemID software from Smiths Detection is designed for use with the IdentifyIR miniaturized FT-IR analysis system. According to the company, the software allows the user to easily search library databases for sample identification, while modules within the software allow peak picking and functional group analysis of the sample. Smiths Detection Scientific, Danbury, CT;


The TrayCell cuvette from Hellma reportedly uses the surface tension of 4 μL of sample to form a repeatable optical path of 1 mm ± 0.02 mm. According to the company, it is compatible with most spectrophotometers, operates at temperatures ranging from 5 °C to 50 °C, and has a wavelength range of 190–800 nm. Applications include biotechnology, drug discovery, and forensics. Hellma, Plainview, NY;

Fiber surface coupling

Piezosystem jena reportedly has developed a unique principal of fiber surface coupling, with the advantage of the wavelength independence of the switch because no optical components inside the switch are necessary. According to the company, the high accuracy of positioning of the piezoelectric actuators guarantees a light transmission of > 80% with a typical switching time of < 3ms. piezosystem jena Inc., Hopedale, MA;


Hamamatsu mini-spectrometers are polychromators integrated with optical elements, an image sensor, and a circuit. According to the company, light to be measured is guided into the entrance port through an optical fiber, and the spectrum measured with the built-in image sensor is outputted from the USB port to a PC for data acquisition. Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan;

Diamond ATR accessory

PIKE Technologies introduces the GladiATR diamond ATR accessory for FTIR analysis. The ATR accessory has a monolithic diamond crystal design and is compatible with pressure applications up to 30,000 psi. According to the company, the product provides a full mid-IR spectral range (4000–400 cm–1 ) and extended far-IR spectral range (400–2 cm–1 ) with compatible FTIR optics. PIKE Technologies, Madison, WI;

NIR laser

B&W Tek's Cleanlaze NIR laser for Raman spectroscopy offers output power ranging from 25 mW to over 1 W at 785 nm. The laser is also available at 980 nm and custom wavelengths. Multimode models feature a 0.2-nm FWHM, while single mode versions feature 0.02-nm linewidth. The laser can be used for process, portable, and laboratory applications. B&W Tek, Inc., Newark, DE;

FTIR system

Ahura's TruDefender FT is a handheld FTIR system designed to identify unknown chemicals in the field. Built for first responders, the product complements Ahura Scientific's FirstDefender Raman system to maximize coverage of a broad range of unknown solids, liquids, and mixtures. Ahura Scientific, Inc., Wilmington, MA;

UV-vis spectrophotometer

Hitachi's model U-2900 is a UV-vis local control double-beam spectrophotometer designed for routine as well as research laboratory applications. According to the company, the product is equipped with a 10.4-in. color liquid crystal display, data storage with an external USB flash disk, a validation function that allows users to check performance, and optional PC control using the company's UV Solutions software. Hitachi High Technologies America, San Jose, CA;

Surrogate standards

SPEX CertiPrep's Tinted Indicator surrogate standards enable users to verify that surrogate standards have been added. According to the company, the surrogate standards will change to an orange tint in the presence of neutral or basic solutions and a red tint for acidic solutions. SPEX CertiPrep, Metuchen, NJ;

Dual readhead encoding

The DSi dual SiGNUM interface encoder from Renishaw combines two SiGNUM SR readheads for high accuracy with an angularly repeatable and customer located propoZ reference position, which is unaffected by bearing wander or switch-off. According to the company, the encoder combined with the REXM ring offers better than ±1 arc second total installed accuracy. The encoder reportedly can operate at speeds as high as 4500 rpm and temperatures as high as 85 °C. Renishaw, Hoffman Estates, IL;

Multiposition valves

IDEX Corporation introduces the MX Series II multiposition valves, designed for automated fluid switching and sample injection. According to the company, the valves offer multiposition liquid-end options with a wider range of pressure options and simpler PC connectivity for general laboratory, HPLC, and fast chromatography applications. IDEX Health & Science, Oak Harbor, WA;

Portable Raman spectrometer

Enwave's EZRaman-M field portable Raman analyzer is designed for use in forensic and security applications, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, and educational and research laboratories. The system features a 785 nm frequency-stabilized laser with resolution of ~7 cm–1 and spectral coverage of 250–3300 cm–1 . Enwave Optronics, Inc., Irvine, CA;

Multimode optical fiber

Fiberguide Industries manufactures the Hard Optical Polymer Clad multimode fiber, which features a high numerical aperture and a high core-to-clad ratio for use in UV-Vis and Vis-IR spectroscopy. According to the company, the hard cladding increases fiber strength and reduces static fatigue in humid environments, and also protects the fiber during buffer stripping to prevent fiber breakage. Fiberguide Industries, Stirling, NJ;

Fast Raman scanning modules

HORIBA Jobin Yvon measures a single pixel spectrum in as fast as 7 ms using new fast scanning modules, SWIFT and DuoScan. SWIFT synchronizes the CCD read-outs and the stage movements to achieve the highest speed possible. According to the company, DuoScan employs proprietary scanning technology that enables adjustable pixel size without changing the objective lens, true confocality in Raman measurements, and laser wavelength selections from UV to NIR. HORIBA Jobin Yvon, Edison, NJ;

Fiber-optic sample compartment

Quantum Northwest's qpod temperature control system for fiber-optic spectroscopy features a cuvette holder in the center designed to provide precision, Peltier-based temperature control from –30 °C to +105 °C. According to the company, the cuvette holder has magnetic stirring and a dry gas purge. Quantum Northwest, Spokane, WA;

XRPD system

PANalytical's new CubiX Walk-Up X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) system is designed for fully automated XRPD measurement, analysis, and reporting in a multidisciplinary environment. According to the company, the instrument provides straightforward sample handling with the sample changer located outside the radiation enclosure, a secure multiuser interface with log in, and fully automated measurement and analysis. PANalytical, Almelo, The Netherlands;

Laser diode module

The fiber-coupled DFB IQμ4x(760-5) laser diode module from Power Technology is designed for applications such as fluorescence, spectroscopy, interferometry, high-resolution printing, display, and microscopy. According to the company, at 760 nm, the module emits 5 mW of output power with a spectral width of 2 MHz. The module also features an on-board menu-driven microprocessor. Power Technology, Inc., Little Rock, AR;

Magnetic resonance spectrometer

Varian introduces its model 400-MR magnetic resonance spectrometer, which is designed to give nonspecialists access to state-of-the-art methods for molecular characterization and quantitation. According to the company, the NMR spectrometer's compact footprint makes it easier to accommodate in small analytical laboratories in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and academic environments. Varian, Inc., Palo Alto, CA;

FT-IR spectrometer

The ALPHA FT-IR spectrometer from Bruker Optics reportedly offers full FT-IR sampling flexibility, exchangeable sampling accessories, and easy-to-use software. According to the company, the product only takes up about the same amount of bench space as a letter-size sheet of paper (about 8 × 3 × 11 in.) Bruker Optics, Billerica, MA;

Raman microscope

DeltaNu's ExamineR is a Raman microscope that comes with a choice of wavelength modules — 532, 785, or 1064 nm. According to the company, the design puts the Raman module on top of the microscope, making it simple to change wavelengths and giving the product a small footprint. Delta Nu, Inc., Laramie, WY;

FT-IR microscopes

JASCO's IRT-5000 and IRT-7000 FT-IR microscope accessories are designed with a "Smart Mapping" function that reportedly enables mapping analyses of a limited area without the use of an automated sample stage. According to the company, the products also feature a "Smart Monitoring" function, which allows simultaneous viewing of the full sample image on the software display using an integrated high-resolution CCD camera. JASCO, Inc., Easton, MD;

Online shop

Ocean Optics introduces an online shop at According to the company, the site features a range of equipment for purchase, including light sources, fibers, patch cords, EviDots, and cuvettes. Ocean Optics, Dunedin, FL;

Peltier accessories

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces air-cooled Peltier accessories for use with the company's UV-vis spectrophotometers. The accessories are designed to deliver precise temperature control in a compact air-cooled design. According to the company, by using air instead of water to regulate the temperature, the accessories eliminate the procedure of monitoring recirculating water levels. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, MA;

Mercury analyzer

Buck Scientific's model 410 mercury analyzer is designed for the analysis of trace levels of mercury in drinking, surface, and saline waters, as well as domestic and industrial wastes. The instrument achieves detection limits of 10 ppt/absolute mass 0.0025 mg with a 400-mm flowcell. Buck Scientific, East Norwalk, CT;

XRF detector

Amptek offers its XR-100CR XRF detectors, featuring 149-eV resolution, thermoelectric cooler, small size, and solid-state design, as both complete systems and to OEMs. According to the company, the detector does not use liquid nitrogen and is suitable for portable applications such as measuring plating thickness; lead detection; RoHS/WEEE verification; semiconductor processing; and sulfur in oil and coal. Amptek, Inc., Bedford, MA;

Custom standards

SPEX CertiPrep, Inc. offers a comprehensive custom standards program that reportedly specializes in evaluating what elements or analytes will work well together and what matrix will be needed to keep the standard stable. Inorganic custom standards are available in volumes of 100 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, and 1L, and organic standards are available in 1.2-mL ampules or any required size. SPEX CertiPrep, Inc., Metuchen, NJ;

Imaging system

ChemImage's W.H.I.P. (wide-field hyperspectral imaging platform) system reportedly lets users acquire Raman movies in real time by combining spectroscopy with digital imaging for spatially resolved chemical information. According to the company, users can monitor dynamic processes and witness changes in materials as they happen in up to five distinct imaging modalities. ChemImage, Pittsburgh, PA;

Fusion machines

The Phoenix DM fusion machines are designed for sintering or fusing samples at temperatures varying from 300 °C to 1600 °C. According to the company, the machines feature individual burner selection, variable speed swirl action, fully regulated air cooling, and separate mold heating and timing. The machines reportedly can be used at high altitudes without modification. Premier Lab Supply, Inc., Port St. Lucie, FL;

UV spectrophotometer

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments UV-1800 UV-vis spectrophotometer reportedly can function as a standalone instrument or can be PC-controlled with USB memory, which enables the use of macros and graph functions available with commercial spreadsheet software. According to the company, the spectrophotometer features multiple modes, including photometric, spectrum, quantitation, kinetics, time-scan, multicomponent quantitation, and biomethod. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Columbia, MD;

Q-TOF system

Agilent's 6520 Accurate-Mass quadrupole time-of-flight (Q-TOF) system is designed to deliver mass accuracy, mass resolution, sensitivity, and speed for proteomics, metabolomics, product degradation, and other complex experiments. According to the company, the product incorporates proprietary dual-gain analog-to-digital time-of-flight electronics for a 10-fold improvement of dynamic range, approaching five orders of magnitude. Agilent Technologies, Inc., Santa Clara, CA;

Near-IR single-photon counter

Goodrich Corporation's Sensors Unlimited, Inc. division announces the SU-02-SPC NIR Photon Counter, designed for single-photon counting in the near-infrared spectrum from 0.9–1.6 μm. According to the company, the product's applications include ultrasensitive Raman spectroscopy, semiconductor failure analysis, and singlet oxygen detection. Goodrich, Charlotte, NC;

High purity salts and solutions

GFS Chemicals uses its high purity acids to manufacture salts and solutions used in trace metal analysis. According to the company, a metals basis purity of 99.999% characterizes many of its matrix modifiers and ionization buffers, such as NH4H2PO4, NH4NO3, Ni(NO3)2:6H2O, Mg(NO3)2:6H2O, Pd(NO3)2:H2O, LaCl3:7H2O, La(NO3)3:6H2O, KCl, KNO3, and LiNO3. GFS Chemicals, Inc., Powell, OH;

Ring laser

Newport Corporation's Matisse tunable CW ring laser reportedly features inherent stability to external vibration, with active photonic elements designed for high spectral resolution. The product can be configured for either Ti:sapphire or dye as the gain medium, and for spectral linewidths down to < 50 kHz. Newport Corporation, Irvine, CA;

NIR miniprobes

Specac's Prospect fiber-optic transmission probes are designed for NIR process applications. Constructed of stainless steel and using gold/nickel bonding with sapphire windows, the probes are reportedly capable of operation at temperatures as high as 250 °C and pressures as high as 100 bar. The probes are available with pathlengths of 1, 2, and 5 mm with probe lengths of 100, 200, and 500 mm. Specac Inc., Woodstock, GA;


Jordan Valley's RoHS MicroAnalyzer is designed to determine the precise level of restricted substances in components. The analyzer uses a high resolution detector, an integrated CCD camera, and an X-ray tube with variable spot size to accommodate large and small samples to measure low levels of Cd, Pb, Hg, Br, and Cr in alloys, plastics, circuit boards, resins, coatings, and packaging materials. Jordan Valley, Austin, TX;

Plasma source

The R*evolution integrated remote plasma source from MKS Instruments reportedly provides the highest performing and cleanest source of reactive gas species required in the processing of semiconductor wafers. According to the company, the product is specifically designed for "on-wafer" applications and combines the company's Low-Field Toroidal plasma technology with a plasma applicator design that produces ultra-clean atomic neutrals or radicals. MKS Instruments, Inc, Wilmington, MA;

Portable XRF analyzer

Innov-X Systems introduces the Alpha LZX portable XRF analyzer, which is designed to measure Mg, Al, Si, and over 25 other elements simultaneously in alloys, powders, ores, liquids, and other matrices. According to the company, the analyzer requires no helium gas, compressed tanks, or vacuum pumps. Innov-X Systems, Woburn, MA;

Rinse accessory

Glass Expansion's Niagara Rapid Rinse accessory is designed to synchronize a three-way valve with the autosampler of an ICP-OES or ICP-MS spectrometer, reportedly achieving up to 30% higher productivity and faster sample turnaround times. According to the company, the programmable valve rinses the sample introduction system while the sample is being drawn to waste. Glass Expansion, Inc., Pocasset, MA;

Silicon drift detector

EDAX introduces the Apollo 40 SDD silicon drift detector for qualitative and quantitative EDS X-ray microanalysis. According to the company, the 40-mm2 detector has a large solid angle that provides for higher input count rates at a given beam current with improved speed or precision and processing count rates exceeding 106 cps. The instrument is thermoelectrically cooled. Applications include X-ray mapping, particle analysis, and analysis of beam-sensitive materials. EDAX, Mahwah, NJ;

UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer

The MCS 600 spectrometer from Carl Zeiss is designed to allow different UV-Vis-NIR spectrometers to be combined, covering the spectral range from 190–2150 nm, and simultaneously record high-quality spectra from myriad spectral regions, multiple probes, and external sensors. Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Thornwood, NY;

Raman probes

InPhotonics' RPI Raman fiber-optic probes are designed for installation in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Probes are available up to 2 in. in diameter with any size ANSI/DIN flange and several feet in length for suitable positioning in the reaction vessel. According to the company, the design reduces optical losses over such long lengths. The probes can withstand pressures as high as 3000 psi and temperatures as high as 250 °C. The probe features two backup containment fields, compatibility with NEC and ATEX regulations, and a purged junction box. InPhotonics, Inc., Norwood, MA;

NIR spectrometers

StellarNet's NIRX-SR spectrometers are designed for the 0.9–2.2 μm wavelength range with a 512-element InGaAs photodiode array and a USB 2.0 interface. According to the company, the optics have no moving parts for shockproof durability in a portable environment. Optional accessories include attachments for spectroradiometry, optical spectroscopy, chemical analysis, and remote sensing. StellarNet, Inc., Tampa, FL;

FT-IR spectrometer

The MB3000 FT-IR spectrometer from ABB is designed to facilitate acquisition, processing, and analysis of samples. According to the company, the product works in conjuction with the company's Horizon MB FT-IR software. ABB Analytical, Quebec City, CA;

TOF GC–MS system

LECO's TruTOF HT TOFMS system reportedly features continuous full-range mass acquisition rates as high as 80 spectra/s to provide accurate identification of unknown and targeted compounds in complex samples. According to the company, the product also includes data-analysis and environmental-reporting software and offers both electron and chemical ionization sources. LECOCorporation, St. Joseph, MI;

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