New Product Review Template

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For a complimentary listing of your new product  in Spectroscopy's annual review of new products, please download and complete the form below. All information will be kept confidential until publication in the May 2016 issue.



  • This survey is not limited only to new products that will be introduced at Pittcon 2016. You may submit any product introduced to the market since our 2014 coverage. Products must be new, however. Please do not submit products that have appeared in previous coverage.

  • One form per product. Maximum of 5 products per supplier.

  • Please avoid marketing hyperbole, and provide just the facts.

Submission deadline:
                January 22, 2016

Send completed form to:       Cindy Delonas at



Careful consideration will be given to all surveys received. Submitted information will be held in confidence until publication. Final decisions regarding what details are included for publication is based on editorial judgment, reader interest, and available space.