Starna Cells Inc



Volume 31
Issue 12

Company Description

Starna Cells Inc. is based in California, and is a member of the international Starna Group. The Starna Group is a key manufacturing partner and supplier of spectrophotometer cells and spectroscopy accessories. It is the world leader in the provision of certified reference materials for the verification of UV-visible-NIR spectrophotometers, accredited by UKAS to ISO/IEC 17025 for calibration and ISO Guide 34 for the manufacture of certified reference materials.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported


  • UV-visible spectroscopy

  • NIR spectroscopy

  • Fluorimetry

  • Micro-well plate analysis

  • Colorimetery

  • Polarimetry

  • Circular dichroism

  • Dynamic light scattering

  • Particle size analysis

  • Cytometry

  • On-line flow applications

  • Tablet dissolution

  • Ultra-high vacuum

  • Blood analysis

  • DNA/protein analysis

  • Microscopy

  • Cryogenic applications

Markets Served

Starna Cells Inc. supplies a wide range of markets within North, Central, and Latin America and the Caribbean. These include the life sciences (pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and healthcare), food, drinks, and wine industries, chemical industry, oil and gas, space, and water as well as numerous universities and research institutes.

Major Products/Services

Starna Cells Inc. supplies a complete range of precision quartz and glass spectrophoto-meter cells, including standard or custom items for analytical analysis for spectroscopy, fluorimetry, and refractrometry; from macro to sub-micro volumes; for static, temperature, and/or flow applications. Specialized optics including Toroid mirrors and Deep UV coatings. Ultra-low volume accessory: DMV-Bio Cell.

Starna are the world leading supplier of UV-vis-NIR certified reference materials and are accredited to ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 through UKAS for the calibration and manufacture of standard and bespoke reference materials. The range also includes references for plate readers, fluorimeters, FT-IR, and micro-volume applications.


Sales, stock, and support facility in California, USA. This facility imports and exports regular consolidated shipments to the primary Starna manufacturing facility in the UK and maintains a large independent stock of many products. Provides a logistics center for handling certified reference materials facilitating quick and efficient recalibration service.

Starna Cells Inc.

P.O. Box 1919,

Atascadero, CA 93423


(800) 228-4482


(805) 461-1575





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