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Special Issues-03-01-2009, Volume 0, Issue 0



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Microfluidic Chip-Based Technology as a Growing Trend in LC–MS Analysis 8

Christine Miller and Dayin Lin

A Reproducible Online 2D Reversed Phase–Reversed Phase High–Low pH Method for Qualitative and Quantitative Proteomics 14

Martha Stapels and Keith Fadgen

Recent Trends in the Use of LC–MS-MS for the Testing of Food and Environmental Contaminants 16

André Schreiber and Kristin von Czapiewski

Successfully Identifying Proteins and Their Modifications Using Electron Transfer Dissociation Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry 22

Andreas Huhmer

Nonderivatized Drug-Screen Analysis in Urine with Automated Solid Phase Microextraction and Comprehensive Two-Dimensional GC–TOF-MS 26

John Heim and Scott Pugh

Improving Oligonucleotide Sensitivity and Separation for LC–MS Applications 30

Greg Scott, Matthew Champion, and Michael McGinley