Christine A. Miller

Christine A. Miller is with Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, California.


New Sample Fractionation Strategies for Proteomic Analyses by LC–MS

November 01, 2006

Mass spectrometry has long been a preferred tool for protein identification and biomarker discovery, but preparation of biological samples remains a challenge. Hindrances include the wide range of protein concentrations, sample complexity, and loss or alteration of important proteins due to sample handling. This article describes recent developments in sample fractionation technologies that are overcoming these challenges in interesting ways and are enabling in-depth proteomic studies that were not possible in the past.

Versatile Protein Identification Using AP-MALDI Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry (PDF)

April 29, 2004

New developments in matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) technology enable decoupling of the ionization source from the time-of-flight mass analyzer for operation at atmospheric pressure (AP-MALDI). This technique also can be integrated with other types of mass analyzers, such as the ion trap.