Author | David Gunn


Simplifying Mixed-Food Microwave Sample Preparation for ICP-MS Analysis

November 01, 2014

Special Issues


Low-level analysis of food matrices has placed a demand on manufacturers, testing laboratories, and instrumentation vendors worldwide. Stricter regulations, better analytical instrumentation, and greatly improved sample preparation (preanalytical) techniques have focused efforts to simplify and standardize these analyses. Often overlooked, the preanalytical step determines the quality of the resulting data and requires careful attention to a number of details, including sample size, digestion parameters, and the level of detection needed.

Single Reaction Chamber Microwave Digestion of Highly Organic Matrices

February 01, 2014

Application Notebook


Sample matrices with high organic content have created a significant challenge for sample preparation methods.

Determination of Mercury in Water Samples Using Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy — EPA 245.1

December 01, 2013



With over 1300 commercial testing labs in the United States, one out of every three samples is for water analysis. There has been an even stronger emphasis on mercury testing and its concentration in our water supplies.