Thickness Analysis of a Natural Oxide Film on a Microscopic Si Pattern

November 15, 2016

The MSV-5000 series micro-spectrophotometer is designed to obtain transmission/reflection measurements over a wide wavelength range from the ultraviolet to the near-infrared wavelengths. It allows the measurement of an area as small as 10 µm diameter and the integrated high-resolution CCD video camera enables visual observation of the samples to determine the precise area to be measured. This instrument is suitable for measurement of micro samples or samples with microstructural features.

Secondary Structure Analysis poly-L-glutamic Sodium Titration

March 17, 2016

Since the function of a protein is closely related to its structure, the structural analysis of proteins and peptides is becoming increasingly important to assist in deciphering bioactivity. CD measurements are easy to obtain, and small sample volumes can be used. Additionally, conformational changes of proteins and peptides due to pH, temperature and external ligands can also be obtained.