Owen Wu


Aerial Hyperspectral Imaging by BaySpec OCI Hyperspectral Imagers

October 01, 2015

BaySpec’s OCI-UAV hyperspectral imagers are ultra-compact, easily deployable, high-performance hyperspectral cameras designed specifically for use on small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to monitor the details of spatial, temporal, and spectral representation of ground objects.

NIR/Raman Oil Condition Monitoring

July 21, 2015

Early detection of oil conditions can reduce equipment down-time from equipment repairs and allows for optimization of maintenance interval to the lubricant’s ability to protect the equipment. A unique dual NIR and Raman system is utilized for optimized results.

Tissue Raman Measurement at 1064 nm

September 01, 2012

Biological tissues and other materials often autofluoresce at near-infrared wavelengths, prohibiting Raman acquisition. New, dispersive Raman systems at 1064 nm allow fluorescence-free measurement in similar integration times.