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Aerial Hyperspectral Imaging by BaySpec OCI Hyperspectral Imagers

February 01, 2017

Application Notebook


Smart Hyperspectral Imaging

December 14, 2016


BaySpec's OCI series of hyperspectral imagers represent a new class of imaging sensors covering the 400-1700nm spectral region and ranging from 8 bands to 220 spectral bands.

Detection of Pesticides by Miniature Mass Spectrometer

October 20, 2016

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BaySpec’s newly developed PortabilityTM is the only transportable mass spectrometer using linear ion trap. It comes with multi-interface support allowing ambient and low pressure sampling.

PeakFinderTM Fiber Optic Raman Video Probe

April 14, 2016



BaySpec’s PeakFinderTM Raman video probe combines a flexible fiber optic probe with microscope objectives allowing sampling down to several microns. Combined with various benchtop Raman spectrometers, the Raman video probe is a unique micro-Raman system available in 532, 785 or 1064nm excitation and various microscope objectives offering unprecedented flexibility and versatility.