Savillex Corporation


Measurement of Multiple Trace Element/Calcium Ratios in Foraminiferal Calcite

May 19, 2016

PFA cyclonic spray chamber was evaluated for use with a Thermo ElementXR HR-ICP-MS. The signal stability of the cyclonic spray chamber was studied, along with its washout.

Concentric PFA Nebulizer for ICP-OES use with HF-containing Samples

May 19, 2016

Understand how specific design features achieve extreme matrix tolerance and chemical inertness combined with high sensitivity and precision.

PFA Concentric Nebulizer for Non-semiconductor ICP-MS Applications

May 19, 2016

Reliability of a low flow glass concentric nebulizer combines with chemical resistance and low elemental background of a PFA concentric nebulizer.

Improving Trace Metals Data Quality Through In-Lab Acid Purification

September 01, 2013

In-lab acid purification offers significant benefits compared to commercial bottled high purity acid. In-lab purified acid is extremely pure, produced fresh on demand, and the cost savings compared to bottled high purity acid are significant.