Spreadsheets are often used to perform GMP-related calculations, but can lead to serious problems and unnecessary risk. We explain why the use of spreadsheets is heavily discouraged in a regulated laboratory environment.

We review one final organic nitrogen functional group, representing explosive compounds. This is the nitro group, which requires a different set of interpretation rules.

Molecular Spectroscopy Workbench

September 01, 2020

A Raman spectrometer’s spectral resolution is determined by its spectral dispersion in conjunction with the entrance slit width. We explain the instrument design parameters involved.

For a number of elements, spectroscopic interferences can have a significant impact on the ability to achieve low detection limits in ICP-MS. We investigate the mechanisms in multi-quadrupole ICP-MS that are designed to remove these interferences.

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful, label-free spectral imaging technique for biomedical sample measurements. The chemometric approaches described here increase the speed of data acquisition and improve the resolution of Raman images.