Appendix IV: Fluorescence

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Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy-05-01-2013, Volume 28, Issue 5

Additional information from the fluorescence section of the Pittcon Review article.

Manufacturer: Horiba Scientific

Product name: Delta Series (DeltaPro and DeltaFlex)

Fluorescence TCSPC lifetime systems


New this year: A simple to use filter based system (DeltaPro). A modular high-end system, comprising monochromators, polarizers, sources (LEDs, laser diodes, supercontinuum lasers) and detectors (including NIR) (DeltaFlex).

The following characteristics apply to both instruments except when stated otherwise:

Can be used for: Lab, process analysis

Measurement Mode: Lifetime fluorescence

Special Features: Can be used as phosphorimeter (DeltaPro only)

Software available as separate product.

Suggested applications: Kinetics, anisotropy and TRES (time resolved emission spectra), FRET, measurement of physical constants (such as local viscosity), binding studies and photophysical characterization of molecular interactions.

Unique features: Fast: measurements from 25ps to seconds