Pittcon Review, Appendix II: Atomic Spectroscopy



Volume 27
Issue 5

Additional information from the atomic spectroscopy section of the Pittcon Review article.

Manufacturer: Arjae Spectral


Product name: Sensei

atomic emission spectrometer

For: Laboratory analysis

New this year: Incorporates a high-throughput virtual slit (HTVS) allowing higher spectral resolution and higher throughput simultaneously.

Features: Large input aperture plus special optics compresses, reformats and expands the light beam, narrowing the input aperture along the dispersion axis. 15X better throughput

Measurement modes: Transmission and reflection

Suggested applications: Research instrument for use in all applications

Unique features: Eliminates the conventional "slit" of the spectrometer

Manufacturer: Arjae Spectral


Product name: SHEER

atomic absorption spectrometer

For: Laboratory analysis

New this year: Arjae's compact core spectrometer, slimmed down. Throughput increases of 15X or more are realistic.

Measurement mode: Transmission, reflection

Suggested applications: SHEER is a compact spectrometer scaled to simplify integration with other systems. High performance combined with small size.

Primary benefits: 15X higher throughput

Unique features: Eliminates the conventional "slit" of the spectrometer

Manufacturer: Buck Scientific


Product name: 230ATS automated touch screen atomic absorption spectrometer

Atomic absorption spectrometer for trace metals analysis

For: Laboratory analysis

New this year: New firmware on a Linux-based tablet computer, automated wavelength and slit selection, hideaway keyboard, four front-facing USB ports.

Accessory/component: Graphite furnace, autosampler

Special features: In-line background correction, greater energy throughput due to single-beam optics.

Suggested applications: Trace metals in aqueous samples

Manufacturer: Cetac Technologies


Product name: QuickTrace M-7600 mercury analyzer

Cold vapor atomic spectroscopy (CVAA) mercury analyzer

For: Laboratory analysis

Measurement mode: Absorbance

Special features: Ethernet communication, real-time streaming of ultratrace data, 21CFR11 compliant

Suggested applications: Mercury analyzer for ultratrace to sub-ppm mercury quantitation. Routine use in a variety of settings, for virtually any aqueous acidified sample.

Primary benefits: Wide dynamic range, fast results. Includes built-in support for standard methods.

Unique features: Ultratrace detection limits less than 0.5 ppt in under 2.5 min, utilizing less than 25 mL of sample.

Manufacturer: OBLF (PANalytical is the exclusive U.S. distributor)


Product name: OBLF GS 1000-II

Spark AES spectrometer (OES spectrometer)

For: Laboratory analysis

New this year: A dual counter electrode spark stand and "use of light breaks" (ULB) technology allows analysis in less than half the time needed previously

Suggested applications: Elemental analysis of metallic samples

Primary benefits: Speed of analysis

Unique features: Dual counter electrode self-cleaning spark stand capable of making two measurements without moving the sample

Manufacturer: PerkinElmer


Product name: Optima 8x00 Series ICP-OES spectrometers

ICP-OES spectrometers

For: Lab analysis

New this year: New flat plate plasma technology, new flat-plate RF generator.

Suggested applications: Environmental testing (EPA 200.7 metals in drinking water; toxic metals in soil, etc.), food/consumer product safety testing (metals content), pharmaceutical/nutraceutical testing (USP 232/233), new/used oil (wear metals).

Primary benefits: benchtop, dual-view ICP-OES spectrometers, delivering superior detection limits and true simultaneous measurements, using half the argon of traditional systems with no loss in performance.

Unique features: New plasma technology uses half the argon of traditional systems dramatically reducing operating costs, with no loss in performance

Manufacturer: PerkinElmer


Product name: PinAAcle 900 AA spectrometers

atomic absorption spectrometers

For: Lab analysis

New this year: Cutting-edge fiber optic technology, fully contained optical system, TubeView color furnace camera, different configurations, including: flameonly, furnaceonly, or stacked designs featuring both.

Suggested applications: Environmental testing (EPA 200.9 metals in drinking water), food safety testing (metals content), toxicology (blood lead), etc.

Primary benefits: Lowest detection limits on an AA instrument, Space-saving stacked design of flame/furnace combination

Manufacturer: Teledyne Leeman Labs


Product name: Hydra II

Cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometer (CVAAS) mercury analyzers

For: Lab analysis

New this year: An updated/revised version of the Hydra C combustion analyzer with improved specifications and more simplified operation

Measurement mode: Atomic absorption spectroscopy

Special features: Fully automated (sampler, combustion furnace, transfer of sample weight to software), combustion/catalyst tube can be replaced in minutes w/o tools, gold amalgamator concentrator for exceptional sensitivity, extended analysis mode.

Software: Instrument software includes preventative maintenance videos, tutorials

Suggested applications: Hg analysis of soils, plastics, polymers, composites, paper, coal, biomass, foods/grains, plant material, blood, tissue, personal products/cosmetics

Primary benefits: No sample preparation is required/no waste created.

Unique features: Completely modular design, can easily be converted in the lab to perform analysis of liquid matrices

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