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MS system

AB SCIEX's TripleTOF 5600 mass spectrometry system is designed for high-performance qualitative and quantitative analysis. According to the company, the system features SmartSpeed 100-Hz acquisition; Accelerator TOF Analyzer for high-resolution data at high speed; and EasyMass Accuracy to achieve stable ~1 ppm mass accuracy without continuous user calibration. AB SCIEX, Foster City, CA.

MS applications guide

Dionex has published an updated version of its MS Applications Guide, which offers analytical choices for separation scientists in the fields of water testing, health and safety, chemicals, and food and beverages. According to the company, the brochure features 12 new environmental and industrial appplications, including urea in ultrapure water, carbamates in water, alkylphenol ethoxylates, phenolic acids, FA and TFA, nicotine and metabolites, glyphosates, perchlorate in baby formula and milk, melamine and cyanuric acid, and ionic liquids by IC–MS and LC–MS. Dionex Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA.

IRMS system

Thermo Fisher Scientific's isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) system is designed to enhance laboratory productivity, confirm the authenticity of food and beverage samples, and detect counterfeit products. According to the company, the automated system combines its DELTA V series IRMS system, ConFlo IV Universal Interface, TRACE GC Ultra system, and Flash HT Plus elemental analyzer. The combination reportedly offers a simplified workflow requiring minimal sample preparation and handling. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc, Waltham, MA;

Ion-trap mass spectrometer

Bruker's amaZon SL ion-trap mass spectrometer is designed to increase analytical capabilities and productivity for laboratories involved with detailed structural analysis of all types of molecules. According to the company, the system features automated and intuitive software, a fast data acquisition speed at full isotopic resolution in both MS and MS-MS for use with UHPLC, on-the-fly polarity switching for analysis of a diverse set of compounds, and optimal, highly reproducible fragmentation efficiency to help identify unknown compounds. Bruker Daltonics, Inc., Billerica, MA;

MALDI TOF system

The AXIMA MegaTOF MS system, from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments and CovalX, is an integrated MALDI system for ultrahigh-mass applications, including protein complex characterization, therapeutic protein aggregates, antibody-antigen interactions, polymer analysis, and high mass bioimaging. The instrument reportedly features a high-performance linear MALDI TOF mass spectrometer from Shimadzu and a high-mass detection system from CovalX, which enable it to achieve nanomolar detection of macromolecules as large as 1500 kDa. The system also includes a conventional detector for low-mass (<20 kDa) samples. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc., Columbia, MD.

MS system

PerkinElmer's Flexar SQ 300 MS system is designed to quickly indentify and quantify compounds. According to the company, the systems' ion source and molecular weight detection range are suitable for use with HPLC and UHPLC applications. The system has a mass range of 20–3000, a maximum scan rate of 10,000 u/s, and resolution of 0.6 u ± 0.1. The instrument's snap-in probe design reportedly allows fast interchangeability and minimizes cross-contamination. The system includes the company's Chromera CDS software for instrument control. PerkinElmer, Inc., Waltham, MA.

Mass spectrometer

The Waters SYNAPT G2 mass spectrometer is designed for use in biopharmaceutical, metabolite identification, metabonomics, proteomics, biomarker studies, and food and environmental applications. According to the company, the quadrupole time-of-flight system features greater than 40,000 FWHM resolution, high sensitivity, a data acquisition rate of 20 spectra/s, exact mass (1 ppm RMS) information, and a dynamic range of up to five orders of magnitude. Waters Corporation, Milford, MA;

LC–MS system

Agilent's 6490 Triple Quadrupole LC–MS system is designed to improve the process of atmospheric-pressure ion sampling. The system includes an iFunnel feature that comprises a precision sprayer, a circular array of six capillaries, and a dual-stage ion funnel. According to the company, the system has a 25% smaller footprint than previous models, provides a sensitivity specification that is 10-fold higher, and is capable of detecting molecules at the zeptomole (10–21 mole) level. Agilent Technologies, Inc., Santa Clara, CA.

Miniature chemical detector

1st Detect's Miniature Chemical Detector is an ion-trap mass spectrometer designed for field-portable and handheld applications. The instrument, which weighs less than 15 lb, has a mass range of 10–450 amu, a resolution of less than 1 amu, and an analysis time of less than 2 s. Possible applications include industrial process control, security and defense, first response and critical infrastructure analyses, and medical analyses such as point-of-care diagnostics or proteomics. The instrument can be powered by 120/240 VAC, standard UBI-2590 batteries, or by standard 12/24 VDC vehicle power. 1st Detect, Austin, TX;

Microchannel plate detectors

PHOTONIS' TruFlite microchannel plates and detector assemblies are designed for time-of-flight MS measurements. The plates' input surface reportedly reduces uncertainty in ion arrival time, or time jitter, and surface flatness is measured and controlled. According to the company, the pore size and bias angle are optimized to improve mass detection. The microchannel plates and detectors are available with 18-mm and 25-mm active areas. PHOTONIS USA, Sturbridge, MA;

Chromatography software

ChromaTOF version 4.30 software from LECO Corporation is the exclusive operating software for the company's separation science instrumentation. The software reportedly offers an improved user interface, the option of defining user permissions, and the ability to perform variable modulation, which enables users to modify modulation settings within each chromatographic run to maximize resolution in both the first and second dimensions. The software is included with the company's Pegasus HT GC–MS and 4D GC×GC–MS systems and TruTOF HT GC–MS and GC×GC instruments. LECO Corporation, St. Joseph, MI.

UHPLC–MS columns

Optimize Technologies' hand-tight OPTI-TRAP EXP trap columns are sample purification and preconcentration products designed for use at pressures as high as 20,000 psi (1400 bar). According to the company, the columns can connect directly to any injection valve (with 10–32 threads) or in-line with the company's OPTI-LOK EXP fittings. Optimize Technologies, Inc., Oregon City, OR.

Portable GC–MS system

Torion's GUARDION-7 portable GC-torodial MS system features electronic pressure control of the helium carrier gas and is available with rechargeable batteries for longer field operating times. According to the company, the system weighs less then 30 lb, is the size of a brief case, operates on battery power, and has an on-board helium carrier cartridge. Torion Technologies Inc., American Fork, UT.

Application note

OI Analytical has published a 32-page application note with information on the U.S. EPA's Method 524.3 for GC–MS analysis of volatile organic compounds in drinking water. According to the company, the note provides comprehensive method validation data and explanations of changes to instrumentation operating parameters permitted in this method. OI Analytical, College Station, TX.

GC–MS detector

Agilent's 5975T low thermal mass (LTM) gas chromatography–mass spectrometry detector (GC–MSD) is a transportable GC–MS system designed to deliver laboratory-quality analysis. According to the company, the detector was developed to be smaller, more rugged, and to consume less power than in-laboratory GC–MS instruments. Agilent Technologies, Inc., Santa Clara, CA.

Precleaned vials

Thermo's National Scientific Mass Spec Certified vials reportedly are low-particulate chromatography vials that are cleaned in a GMP-compliant, fully validated cleanroom environment to minimize the occurrence of any contamination. According to the company, each lot is tested for particle counts as well as LC–MS and GC–MS background. The packaging is also precleaned to ensure product integrity. National Scientific, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, CA.

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