Analytik Jena


Determination of the Metal Content in Mining Samples

December 07, 2022

Fast multi-element method for varying element concentration in complex sample matrices.

Determination of TOC in Solid Waste

November 08, 2022

With TOC analyzers, like the multi-N/C duo systems TOC in waste samples can be determined fast, automated, cost-effective, and reliably by the TOC direct method.

Analysis of Toxic Elements in Wastewater and Sewage Sludge by HR-CS AAS

October 13, 2022

In municipal and industrial treatment plants, many different wastewater samples from various inlets, outlets, and pumping stations must be analyzed regularly.

Trace Metals Analysis in Water-Methanol-Oil Mixtures by HR ICP-OES v3

June 20, 2022

HR ICP-OES with high-resolution optical system, superior sensitivity, matrix tolerance to achieve lowest LOD for trace element analysis in complex water-alcohol-oil samples

Measuring Toxic Elements in Workplace Filter Dusts According to EN 14385 Using ICP-MS

May 09, 2022

The PlasmaQuant ICP-MS allows for a robust, sensitive, and accurate multi-element analysis of relevant workplace hazardous substances in digested filter dusts.

Determination of Total Volatile Sulfur in Gaseous Hydrocarbons and Liquefied Petroleum Gases

April 11, 2022

The fast, safe, reliable matrix independent analysis of LPG samples of a wide concentration range and pressure spectra using the EA 5100 elemental analyzer is described.

Speed Up Your Work – High-throughput Analysis of Drinking Water with ICP-MS v3

March 03, 2022

Using iCRC technology for interference removal, we demonstrate the measurement of 82 drinking water samples per hour with 21 elements (+4 internal standards).

Determination of Trace Nitrogen Contents in Different Types of Fuels and Fuel Blends According to ASTM D4629 resp. DIN 51444 v4

February 08, 2022

Combining catalyst-free high-temperature combustion and highly sensitive HiPerSens® detection, compEAct N detects nitrogen at concentrations from 15 µg/l to 10,000 mg/l.

Total Protein Determination in Pharmaceutical Products (Vaccines) by TNb Analysis on Multi N/C 2100S Pharma v3

January 06, 2022

Since antigens tested for quantity of attenuated or devitalized viruses or bacteria often consist of proteins, analytical quantification of total protein is a method of choice.