Milestone, Inc


Mixed-Batch Digestion of Food Samples for ICP-MS Analysis

March 24, 2020

Use of Single-Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology to simplify and optimize food and mixed-food microwave sample preparation for trace metal analysis using ICP-MS.

Utilizing Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) Technology for Trace Metals Analysis in Accordance with USP /

October 04, 2019

This industry report describes how the Milestone ultraWAVE can process large, dissimilar and difficult pharmaceutical samples quickly and easily – all without batching.

Ensuring High-Quality and Productivity in Elemental Analysis of Agricultural Samples

October 04, 2019

Analysis of fertilizer products gives the ratio of macronutrients, which must be correct to ensure optimal efficacy. Learn how the ETHOS UP can process highly reactive fertilizer samples, even in large sample amounts.

Fast and Efficient Metals Analysis in Plastic Packaging Material

October 04, 2019

Many polymers are very stable and require high temperatures and pressures to completely digest. Learn how the ultraWAVE can process these samples quickly and easily, yielding superior analytical data.