Neli Drvodelic


Analysis of Milk Powders Based on Chinese Standard Method Using the Agilent 5100 SVDV ICP-OES

July 20, 2015

Trace toxic and major nutrient elements were measured in a single measurement in a milk powder SRM, with no ionization buffers, using a synchronous dual view ICP-OES. The methodology was in accordance with Chinese method GB 5413.21 for raw milk and dairy products. Excellent recoveries were achieved for all elements determined in the SRM, demonstrating the accuracy of the method over a large dynamic range.

High Throughput, Low Cost Analysis of Environmental Samples According to US EPA 6010C Using the Agilent 5100 SVDV ICP-OES

July 20, 2015

A routine method for the analysis of major, minor and trace elements in a certified channel sludge reference material according to EPA method 6010C is described. Excellent recoveries were obtained for the 31 elements analyzed using an ICP-OES operating in synchronous dual view mode. A switching valve system was used to achieve a sample-to-sample analysis time of 60 seconds and argon consumption of 19 L per sample.