Pittcon Review, Appendix VII: NIR

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Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy-05-01-2012, Volume 27, Issue 5

Additional information from the NIR section of the Pittcon Review article.

Manufacturer: BaySpec, Inc.

Product name: SuperGamut f/2 NIR spectrometer

High-throughput, Compact NIR spectrograph

For: Laboratory and process applications

Special features: Customizable wavelength range, compact size, factory calibration, and low cost of ownership.

Software: Spec2020 available as separate product, 21CFR11 compliant, cGMP compliant, may be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Suggested applications: Pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics, agriculture, semiconductors, beverage and brewery, cosmetics, explosives detection, counterfeit detection, water quality, food safety, petrochemical, law enforcement, pulp and paper, mining, oil exploration, biomedical research, and homeland security.

Primary benefits: Customized wavelength coverage for best resolution, higher throughput, and higher efficiency than traditional Czerny-Turner designs.

Unique features: Volume phase gratings give high throughput

Manufacturer: BaySpec, Inc.

Product name: DeepView NIR OCT Spectral Engine

High resolution NIR spectrograph

For: Laboratory and process applications

Special features: High throughput, ultrafast scan speed, factory calibration.

Software may be used in other equipment, compatible with other manufacturers' equipment.

Suggested applications: Spectral domain optical coherence tomography

Primary benefits: Long-wave NIR coverage, high throughput, and high data acquisition speed

Unique features: Volume phase gratings


Manufacturer: B&W Tek, Inc.

Product name: Sol

Fiber-optic NIR spectrometer

For: Laboratory analysis

Measurement mode: Transmission, reflection, absorption, emission

Special accessories description: Fiber-coupled light sources, fiber patch cords, fiber sampling probes, and fiber sample holders

Special features: 900–2550 nm, <0.35 nm resolution, up to 1024 pixels, TE cooling down to -25 °C, low noise/high sensitivity, built-in autozero, up to four gain settings, and USB or RS232 interface. Available as special product. Used in other equipment. Compatible with other equipment

Suggested applications: Process monitoring, NIR spectroscopy, quality control, on-line analyzer, material identification

Primary benefits: These upgraded fiber-coupled InGaAs array spectrometers now offer extended range and high resolution options along with enhanced TE cooling

Unique features: Built in autozero, up to four gain settings, extremely low pixel defect ratio

Manufacturer: Bruker Optik GmbH

Product name: TANGO

FT-NIR spectrometer

For: Laboratory and process applications

New this year: Brand-new FT-NIR spectrometer from Bruker Optics.

Transportable: 19 kg

Measurement mode: Background measurements, transmission measurements, and reflection measurements. The TANGO is a single channel system dedicated to either reflection or transmission.

Special features: Optional battery pack. Comes in 10 different languages. Lightweight and rugged. Embedded PC with 10.5-in. touch screen display with optional external PC data system.

Suggested applications: The Tango is for identification and quantification of constituents in food, feed, chemical, polymer, pharmaceutical, beverage, feed manufacturing, dairy supplement, biotechnology, and polymer Industry.

Primary benefits: The Tango is designed specifically for the QC/QA needs of companies in many different industry sectors from pharmaceuticals to animal feed, doing routine analysis. The total cost of ownership over a 10-year lifetime is the lowest in the industry.

Unique features: TANGO is an all-in-one instrument with a small footprint.

Manufacturer: FOSS NIR Systems, Inc.

Product name: Profoss compact high resolution diode array NIR spectrometer

For: Laboratory and process applications

New this year: Available with Vision software

Measurement modes: Diffuse reflection and diffuse transmission

Special features: ProFoss provides non-destructive analysis of pharmaceutical and chemical products directly in the process line without bypass. The solution helps to optimize the use of raw materials and to consistently run production closer to target specifications.

Manufacturer: FOSS NIR Systems, Inc.

Product name: XDS MasterLab

NIR spectrometer

Special features: MasterLab provides dedicated NIR analysis for rapid nondestructive measurements of solid dosage forms and solids in vials, automated transmission or reflectance analysis of multiple tablets, capsules, or vials, ensures ease-of-use and transferability, nondestructive analysis of solids and liquids, no sample preparation, no reagents, no waste.

Manufacturer: JDS Uniphase

Product name: MicroNIR1700 and MicroNIR2200

Ultracompact NIR spectrometer, 950–1650 nm or 1150–2150 nm range, depending on model

For: Process and handheld applications

Portable: 45 mm diameter x 42 mm high; <60 g weight

Measurement mode: Transmission, reflection, or transreflectance

Special features: USB powered; palm size package includes light source, collection optics, dispersing element, photodiode array, and electronics.

Software: Available as separate product, can be made 21CFR11 and GMP compliant

Suggested applications: Material identification, quantitative analysis, process monitoring in food or agriculture, pharmaceutical, security, and industrial chemicals markets.

Manufacturer: Ocean Optics

Product name: NIRQuest512-1.9 spectrometer

NIR spectrometer

For: Lab and process analysis

New this year: Optimized for applications from 1100–1900 nm. Optical resolution is ~3.1 nm (FWHM) with a 25-μm entrance slit.

Portable: 182 mm x 110 mm x 47 mm

Accessory: Couples via SMA 905 connector to fiber-optic light sources and accessories

Measurement Modes: Absorbance, transmission, reflection, emission in NIR

Special features: Dark noise 6 RMS counts at 100 ns, wide dynamic range (10K:1 for a single acquisition), external triggering functions

Software: Overture (Windows only) or SpectraSuite operating software (Windows, OS X, and Linux) available as separate product

Suggested applications: Moisture detection, chemical analysis and high-resolution laser and optical fiber characterization, synchronizing spectral acquisition to coordinate with samples moving through a process stream or sensors reaching a certain temperature level.

Primary benefits: Multiple grating and optical bench options. More precise setups improve interpretation models.

Unique features: Very low jitter (100 ns) triggering functions; three low-jitter trigger modes and normal (free-running spectral acquisition) operating modes are possible.