Surface Sensitive photothermal AFM-IR – Probing nanoscale chemistry at the top surface only


Bruker’s new patented Surface Sensitive AFM-IR decreases chemical probing depth from greater than 500 nanometers to tens of nanometers, enabling selective characterization of a sample’s top surface layer only. This photothermal-based, non-destructive technique significantly improves user productivity by eliminating the need for cross-sectioning and additionally removes spectral saturation that can often occur when examining thick strong IR absorbing samples. The technique provides a unique combination of high spatial resolution and high surface sensitivity for nanochemical ID, complementing traditional analytical techniques (FTIR, XPS, TOF-SIMS). With these combined capabilities, Surface Sensitive AFM-IR mode significantly increases the productivity of Bruker’s nanoscale IR spectroscopy systems and opens a wide range of new applications for thin films, life science, micro plastics and many more.

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