Naoki Sugiyama


Accurate, Low-Level Sulfur Analysis by ICP-MS Using MS/MS with Oxygen Reaction Cell Gas

September 01, 2020

Combined with appropriate selection of instrument components to reduce the sulfur background, ICP-MS using MS/MS with oxygen reaction cell gas can provide accurate low-level analysis of sulfur and sulfur isotope ratios in aqueous and organic matrices. This is useful in applications in life science, clinical research, pharmaceutical development, food safety, environmental monitoring, geochemistry, and petrochemistry.

Method Development with ICP-MS/MS: Tools and Techniques to Ensure Accurate Results in Reaction Mode

September 01, 2019

Method setup and optimization steps are explored to illustrate how an ICP-MS/MS method can be defined and tested to ensure consistent performance. Users can benefit from improved interference removal performance without the complex method development inherent in the use of ion-molecule reaction chemistry