Author | Sonja Breuninger


Criteria for High-Quality Raman Microscopy

June 01, 2019

Special Issues


Five key qualitative factors–speed, sensitivity, resolution, modularity and upgradeability, and combinability–contribute to the quality of confocal Raman imaging microscopes. Using application examples, this article introduces modern Raman imaging and correlative imaging techniques, and presents state-of-the-art practice examples from polymer research, pharmaceutics, low-dimensional materials research, and life sciences.

Software Tools for 3D Raman Imaging

September 01, 2014

Application Notebook


Newly developed software tools provide various functions for the acquisition, evaluation, and processing for high-resolution 3D Raman images.

Key Elements of Confocal Raman Microscopy for High-Resolution Imaging

June 01, 2014

Special Issues


The sensitivity of a high-resolution Raman imaging system is crucial to the quality of the acquired information.