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Ancient Egyptian mummy | Image Credit: © Jaroslav Moravcik - stock.adobe.com
Rediscovered Roman-Era Mummy Sheds Light on Ancient Egyptian Artistic Practices

July 3rd 2024

A recent study used fiber optics reflectance spectroscopy (FORS), X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy, and Raman spectroscopy to characterize a painted shroud wrapped around a female Egyptian mummy.

Coast of Northern Ireland | Image Credit: © stifos - stock.adobe.com
Conducting an X-Ray Fluorescence Investigation on Irish Chalices

July 2nd 2024

Scientist investigating the chemistry of the environment © Michael - stock.adobe.com
A Brief Review of the Latest Spectroscopic Research in Environmental Analysis

June 18th 2024

panoramic view at the berlin city center at sunset | Image Credit: © frank peters - stock.adobe.com.
BESSY II's Infrared Beamline Upgrade Enhances Nanoscale Spectroscopy

May 3rd 2024

Top stories symbol. Concept words Top stories on wooden blocks on a beautiful blue table white background. Business story and top stories concept, copy space. | Image Credit: © Dzmitry - stock.adobe.com
Best of the Week: Metal Ion Leaching, Analytica 2024 Preview

March 29th 2024

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