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Volume 32
Issue 12
Pages: 58

Company Description

Ocean Optics combines savvy system design, integration capabilities and applications knowledge to help people solve problems using light measurement. We offer a suite of modular spectroscopy products, multispectral sensing solutions and software development for diverse applications in industrial settings, research and science, food and agriculture, applied biotechnology and life sciences, illumination and color measurement, and safety and security.

Also, Ocean Optics provides a comprehensive range of complementary technologies, including chemical sensors, Raman analyzers, metrology instrumentation, optical fibers and probes, optical filters and spectroscopy accessories. The consolidation of PIXELTEQ multispectral sensing and imaging offerings has further enhanced the company's spectral imaging design and manufacturing expertise in support of researchers, developers, and OEMs across a wide range of applications.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

UV, Visible and NIR; absorbance, transmission and reflectance; laser characterization; LED quality control; Raman; SERS; fluorescence; irradiance; spectroradiometry; color determination; fiber optic chemical sensing; chemometrics; end-point detection; headspace monitoring; nondestructive testing; remote monitoring; multispectral sensing and imaging; and optical coating

Markets Served

Ocean Optics technologies are connected to a diverse range of industries and disciplines. Our products are used by innovators, researchers, educators, scientists and OEM suppliers in lab settings, field research and process environments worldwide. First responders and security professionals have incorporated Ocean Optics products into their equipment. Science educators have made our instruments an integral part of each student's learning experience. Ocean Optics solutions are part of both everyday measurement needs and bigger technical challenges related to issues such as population growth and climate change.

Major Products/Services

Spectrometers: General-purpose UV, Visible and NIR spectrometers; fluorescence spectrometers; Raman instruments; industrial spectrometers; teaching lab spectrometers; reflectometers; field spectrometers; spectral sensors; spectroradiometers; thin film systems

Light Measurement Solutions: Smartphone-ready tools for quantifying light

Multispectral Sensors and Precision Filters: Micro-patterned optical filters; multispectral sensors; multispectral cameras; filters, mirrors and optical coatings; optical measurement and reference standards

OEM Offerings: Spectrometers, sensors, fibers; multispectral cameras, accessories and sub-assemblies for embedding into OEM applications; custom software

Optical Sensors: Oxygen sensors, pH sensors, temperature sensing, transducing materials

Sampling Accessories: Collimating lenses, cuvettes and holders, standards, filters and holders, flow cells, cosine correctors, integrating spheres

Light Sources: Deuterium, tungsten halogen, LED, calibration sources, excitation sources, lasers, xenon

Optical Fiber and Probes: Fiber optic patch cords; bare fiber; custom options; reflection and transmission probes; vacuum feedthroughs


Ocean Optics has sales, service, engineering and manufacturing operations in Florida, and has full-service locations throughout Europe, India and China. Ocean Optics is a subsidiary of Halma plc, an international market leader in safety, health and sensor technology.

Ocean Optics
8060 Bryan Dairy Road
Largo, FL 33777

+1 (727) 733-2447

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