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Volume 32
Issue 12
Pages: 85

Company Description

WITec is a manufacturer of high-resolution optical and scanning probe microscopy solutions for scientific and industrial applications. A modular product line allows the combination of different microscopy techniques such as Raman, NSOM, or AFM in one instrument. The company's product line features a near-field scanning optical microscope, using unique cantilever technology, a confocal Raman microscope designed for highest sensitivity and resolution, and an AFM for material research and nanotechnology. Focusing on innovations and constantly introducing new technologies, WITec is the leading expert for a wide variety of optical, structural, and chemical imaging tasks.

Chief Spectroscopic Techniques Supported

  • Raman spectroscopy

  • Confocal 3D Raman imaging

  • Ultrafast confocal Raman imaging

  • Confocal and near-field fluorescence spectroscopy

  • Upgradeable with atomic force and near-field microscopy capabilities

  • Topographic Raman imaging

  • RISE microscopy (Raman imaging & scanning electron microscopy)

Markets Served

WITec products are delivered worldwide to academic and industrial research labs focusing on high-resolution chemical imaging and materials characterization. Areas of application for WITec's confocal Raman imaging systems include polymer sciences, pharmaceutics, life science, geoscience, thin films and coating analysis, semiconductors, and nanotechnology.

Major Products/Services

WITec alpha300 Confocal Raman Microscope: The alpha300 R is a Raman imaging system focusing on high-resolution as well as high-speed spectra and image acquisition. The acquisition time for a single Raman spectrum is in the range of 1 ms or even below; thus, a complete Raman image consisting of tens of thousands of spectra can be obtained in 1 min or less. Differences in chemical composition, although completely invisible in the optical image, will be apparent in the Raman image and can be analyzed three-dimensionally with a resolution down to 200 nm.

Automated Raman Imaging - WITec apyron: The new fully automated, easy-to-use Raman imaging system apyron features unrivaled spectral resolution in 3D confocal Raman imaging. The absolute laser power determination and regulation in 0.1 milliwatt steps preserves delicate samples and guarantees the reproducibility of measurement conditions. The UHTS 600, a new 600 mm focal length spectrometer, designed specifically for automated Raman imaging, enables challenging experiments at even very low light intensities surpassing any previous standard of performance.


WITec headquarters is located in Ulm, Germany, and includes the R&D department, production, sales and marketing, and administration. WITec Instruments Corp. in Knoxville, Tennessee, is responsible for North American sales and service activities.

WITec GmbH
Main Address:
Lise-Meitner-Str. 6, 89081
Ulm, Germany

WITec Instruments Corp.
130G Market Place Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37922

+49 (0) 731 140 700
US: (865) 984-4445

+49 (0) 731 140 70200
US: (865) 984-4441

E-MAIL info@witec.de

WEB SITE www.witec.de/



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